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On the 8th and when it breaks here is Carlos Ramirez the WTO traffic center Thanks so very much Let's start off in the district this morning if you're headed on the east bound side of New York avenue that's the outbound side headed into Maryland just after bladensburg road looks like some police activity along the left side of the roadway It looks like two left lanes being blocked right now Do stay to the right Thankfully traffic is light enough It's not causing any delays westbound side doesn't seem to be affected either North downside of D.C. two 95 has been up to speed all night no issues headed into Maryland there Baltimore Washington Parkway looks good as well Northbound side of I 95 Maryland Department of Transportation has set up a work grew on the north outside of 95 there on the approach towards two 12 It looks like two left lanes are blocked so you got two lanes available to you on the right so stay right No delays because of it as you continue north of that point I got another work crew just before route 32 They're also blocking the far left lane no worries You're going to have three lanes available to you on the right Eastbound side of route 50 up to speed from the beltway out towards 97 no issues across the severn river bridge but just as you're coming off of the severn river bridge on the eastbound side the work zone will be set up along the left side of the road where you're going to have two right lanes available to you What do you get past that over onto the bay bridge Got two way traffic on the westbound span so only one lane available in either direction watch out for that Down in Virginia in fairfax still hearing reports of the accident seen relatively small but poplar tree road and layfield street gonna see plenty of activity around that area northbound 28 no delays past the Sterling exits there earlier crash wasn't your old ox no longer seeing any issues The biggest issue of the night out a loop of the beltway still shut down at 66 traffic is still being detoured on to 66 westbound but Vida did say that about 5 a.m. is when they were going to start wrapping up So I'll keep a close eye on all of those cameras to see when they officially open up all up Out of the bell way a little slow past I 95 but I'm not seeing any reports of any incidents right now so just watch out for that I'm Carlos Ramirez the WTO traffic Now to store team for meteorologist samar Theodore A brisk start this morning so keep that in mind if you're headed to brunch by the afternoon highs are in the low 50s we are dry for your Sunday.

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