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But I wonder if it's funches that take some of those Olsen snaps not necessarily Samuel James wasn't delivered in a major way for the buccaneers yesterday. Twenty two point eight fantasy points. Twentieth. Thirty for two hundred. And forty nine yards. But so to Adam Humphreys who has five touchdowns over his past five games. He was at least fifty yards and each of those five games. He's got thirty one targets. Twenty-six catches. He's been really good of late. He could be the number one waiver wire waiver wire add amongst wide receivers this week. Yeah. He's been good. So to us Chris Godwin whose. Touchdown yesterday. Humphries at least six catches and four the last six. He's you know, I believe what was the stat since week eight no one has more touchdowns than Adam Humphreys. I is that correct thirsty. Kyle. He is looking up right now. He's got to be in the mix at the very least. Yep. Yeah. I'm going on five of you know, five touchdowns in his last five games. I mean, he's been and you think about the saints coming up here in week fourteen. They struggle against the slot. Yeah. They sure do so Humphries could be in the lineup as well. I think he needs to be Rosser in the bunch more leaks to productive and throw the football. Just too much to him not be available for him to be available in as many leaks as he is in Chris God wouldn't feels like he's sort of desha Jackson dependent like when did John dachshunds out you start Chris Godwin? Correct. But when Sean Jackson's active, then it's like, it's sort of. He needs a touchdown to pay off agreed on that perhaps the game of the weekend was the chargers and the Steelers the chargers go to Pittsburgh and win thirty three to thirty real quickly before we move on. I sorry. But I just want to mention this because Cameron bright you might look at the box score. And you'd be like, whatever. Three for thirty six dropped a touchdown early on in this game. Which should have been a touchdown here. Still got six targets in this game. I do think better days are head for Cameron break. So again, just given these the lack of depth at that position. I'm still a big believer in Cameron break. Philip rivers those every single way it's week nine. He's tied for the most touchdown receptions with Kelsey and Davante Adams. Humphries? Yeah. Philip rivers. Does it every single week multiple touchdown passes again last night? But the real story for the chargers. Besides the win itself was how would the backfield shakeout with? No Melvin Gordon. Here's what we saw Austin or got eighteen total touches by far the most. But Justin Jackson had better fantasy production. Fifteen point two fantasy points on Justin Jackson is certainly looks the part that had a great touchdown run. He was the better player last night was looked better. He he looked better. He looked more explosive. He looked better between the tackles. He did great at a little bit more productive in the passing game at eight targets last night. But Justin Jackson between the tackles certain look like the better player put the Bengals next week to find you tweet. There's a chance that we could have Melvin Gordon. Beck chance. But it is still early with MC L sprain. We'll see he didn't practice it all this week. So we really don't have much to go on yet. Keep an eye out on that one. But this backfield if it is again, no Melvin Gordon this week. I think it'll be a lot closer in the rankings between Ostanak ler and Justin Jackson, you might still give the edge to. Cler because of the passing game upside, but Justin Jackson looks like a really good player for them. A seventh round pick out of northwestern. You probably member is days there with the Wildcats. Absolutely. And needs to be a rostered in mortally. Surely, I would assume he makes you a free.

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