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Early two thousands of one kind of both set up to be like bad people or like weird monstrous mysterious people look at you right and subzero like freezes like and then like freezes you like he smashes you and you become blocks of ice right exactly so the i will say that. Without spoiling anything for people without seeing the new mortal combat center the center of the movie the remake is the rivalry between scorpion and sub zero. It's like the entire point of the movie. Is the rivalry between the two of them. And subzero is the bad guy and scorpion. Is the good guy. So i found that pretty interesting but a lot of people who who know the game obviously remember a lot of the characters. I founded actor for what it was. I found it very enjoyable. Not that it's a great movie or anything but like actually was very impressed by it because the expectations were pretty low. Watched it all the way straight. Start to finish. I have a quick mortal story. And then i wanna question for the group here. So i remember being at an arcade and it wasn't like i grew up in in queens. And there's an arcade in bayside new york at the bay terror. Shopping center in bayside queens. Called peter and games and i used to go there with my dad like once a week and play arcades but was not at this age this peter peps childhood favorite place. Maybe it was like an ocean city or something. I don't know anyway at this arcade. And i'm probably like what. When did mortal kombat malik. Ninety three ninety four. Like i was just gonna say mid ninety s. I think he covered. I think it was. Yeah so let's maybe like ten fighters to i think had to be like ninety two ninety three ninety one ninety one right there. You go the more two years later. I remember because i had like my ninth birthday party at peter pan and the only game that i played the entire time streetfighter. Everyone else playing other games. I just destroyed everyone with charnley spanning the kick button over and over again. But i walked over to the arcade. And i must have been ten and i'm short now and i were shorter then and i remember walking up and there was a teenager. Couldn't tell you what he looked like. Tall tall jerk probably vote wearing a varsity jacket. Probably played football dated the cheerleader. The jacket of moron. And i walk over and put my quarter and while he's playing and he like looks literally looks down a lot taller than me. And just like scotts and be like playing the game kid right and then like it's like all right. Well i remember something to the effect of like. I'm going to beat you and you're going to have to get off. You're going to have to leave now. And then i use johnny cage and just spammed him with the uppercut jumping next to him and cutting him over and over again imperfect whites and he grumbled off and walked off like an off one of the great moments of my life. Honestly love it. You were dying to tell that story on the show today makes you happy just the way you tell it. Yes we says. Bill rarely in life..

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