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News sponsored by oral screening tests dot com it is one oh two and here's a dummy bongo thanks paul mostly cloudy skies in eighty four at o'hare raised voices in tons of tension in washington today as former fbi deputy assistant director peter struck testifies before two house committees this exchanges between republican bob goodlatte in democrat jerrold nadler iud's become illegal many fertility treatments would become illegal and i would not be able to have either of my beautiful children that i struggle it's obviously different cut from another skoda's issue rather but in this story starstruck was removed from special counsel robert mueller's team after text messages revealed bias against president trump struck saying his actions never reflected any bias he was very remorseful when he resigned but the head of the cook county forest preserves lee says the officer caught on video seemingly ignoring women's call for help was he given a fair shake by all of the publicity the viral video shoddy caldwell woods in chicago shows a man confronting and berating a woman for wearing a shirt with the flag of puerto rico she appeals to the officer but the appears to not respond i am sincerely sorry that this happened i've seen the video and i'm outraged that this would happen anywhere little own and especially said that it happened in our force reserves system the head of the district honored randall says conner did not leave in good standing and an investigation to his conduct continues cook county board president toni preckwinkle this afternoon released a statement saying under the leadership of general superintendent arnold brandon his team for preserves cook county of become a safe and welcoming place of expiration for everyone but drowning of a thirteen year old girl at a loyal a beach last week is fueled a push for safety improvements great lakes surf rescue project says it's facebook page has been flooded with calls for longer lifeguard hours the group's founder david benjamin can be extend the late start hours because unfortunately you know hot summertime like people leave people are there usually toll while after dark about nine years ago lifeguard hours were set from eleven am to seven as a cost cutting measure the attorney for porn actress stormy daniels says prosecutors have dropped all charges against her following her overnight arrest at in ohio club our real names stephanie clifford prosecutors memo provided by her lawyer says in ohio illegal touching walk cannot be enforced because daniels is only appeared once at the columbus club masters were left with the columbus city prosecutor's office seeking comment reporters have not received any response back from them and the bill to bear workshop had a promotion that backfired a bit one day promotion was called pay your age day photos outside the stores around the world am in chicago area show extremely long lines by ten this morning safety have become a concern because of all of the congestion in a facebook post the company said shutting it down.

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