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All right everybody. Ready Welcome back to one life radio. This is Bernadette with junior broadcasting live from Dallas Texas on Iheart media as well as. In Sunny Southern, California on. ABC. News talk we've got Jason Harris with us today he's back. He is the amazing co founder and CEO of mechanism and award winning creative advertising agency whose clients include Ben, and Jerry's Peleton Okay Cupid Molson coors and Alaska Airlines under his leadership mechanism was named to add ages agency list and twice to their best places to work mechanism was also named as one of creativity is creativity fifty and Harris has been named in the top ten most influential social impact leaders as well as the. Four as list of one hundred people who make advertising. Great Jason's National Bestselling Book The Sofa of Persuasion Highlights the eleven habits that you need to become more authentically or so civilly persuasive. His website is the soulful art dot Com. That's the Sofa Art Dot Com or mechanism dot com always a pleasure Jason Harris how you doing today on doing great. How are you? I'm good I'm good. Thank you so much for my goodie box I. I just can't thank you enough. That was so kind. Thank you for being so generous. Last time we did an. Absolutely and so you know your book really is amazing and I thank you for the signed copy. I will treasure it always your book, the Civil Arte persuasion. So it's broken up into four parts original, generous, empathetic, and soulful, and today we're discussing part three, which is empathetic. One of my favorite parts of being unearth some of the traits you truly. Truly empathetic people. Epidemic people are really good at overcoming divisions and bringing people together on the same team. I'm sure we all know people that are good at this. Sort of. Neutralize the US versus them thinking which always gets in the way of you trying to achieve your goal or the way of persuasion. People, as fundamentally similar or equal. You know people like this. They treat everyone from the janitor to the CEO with the same respect and they treat everyone they see everyone in the same way and their natural collaborators who always forged connections with those around them, and they really understand that when you collaborate and you work towards the common goal, better things can be achieved and the opposite of being an empathetic person or those people that. You know who are egotistical narcissistic they hold the all their ideas for themselves they try to. You know only worry about their own little fights them in their own money and their own. Their own upward mobility and that's the opposite of being an empathetic. person but it is true. You know when you run a company, you should know the name of the janitor that you walk by everyday and no his name and say hello to him and ask how his family is. That's someone that's truly empathetic and and. And ultimately persuasive, right? Yeah. That's right. I mean that's a big. That's a big part of it is is bringing people together on the same team for the same goal and treating everyone with the same amount of respect and you don't no one knows anyone else story they don't know what they're going through. I. Love. This quote of don't judge my life by the chapter you walked in on. which is always true. You know you won't allow people well, and you look at people but you don't know you know them by where they are today, but you don't know what they've gone through to get to where they are, and so I just think part of being pathetic and the edgy act of of trying to put yourself in someone else's shoes and see the world through a different Lens and today more than ever. It's harder and harder to do that. It's. Harder to be empathetic and look at other people's ideas. I. Mean. It just is astounding how challenging that is today and I would say social media Kinda has a lot to do with that. Actually I would agree. I think it's very destructive in so many ways and I love that you were saying that because I makes me think of my dad that you never he always used to say that you never judge another person unless you've walked in their shoes like truly. Shoes, you don't have any way of really understanding them or or being apathetic. With someone unless you've suffered along with them and people do come into your life at different stages like you said, you know like after a divorce and you're the crazy person for a couple of years, right? Or something like that. You know after you've just. A. Oh No. You know it happens and you get a little crazy for a while because you're trying to sort your life out and it's it's it's difficult. It is difficult to navigate through this thing we call life at times and that's why I love the book, the art of persuasion so much because it it's it's just full of of knowledge it's full of just it's full of love really is what it's full of and how to be. Persuasive. No, it is so many great stories I love the BMW, is probably like my favorite story in the whole book, but you know to be persuasive. We have to understand another person's views right? Even if they differ from our own. So today our country it seems to be so divided and that seems to be it is it's more divided than ever. So why have we become such an US versus them society what's going on? You. Know I feel like it's because you know par part of it is is the political landscape is so you know left or right and that's a big part of it. I. Mentioned Social Media. Played a big part in the US versus them society I. Think they fake news you know you can. There's it's hard to know what the truth is because you can find anything that bent to the way that you think and then I don't know if you watch the social dilemma that movie but I I highly recommended for. Yeah. How highly recommended for your audience but it really talks about it's basically people that built the the social media tech industry sounding the alarm on their own creation, and it's about how they serve up in social media your served up. Like little hits of Dopamine. On things that you already know you already feel or you already think it's about getting addicted to the social media, the social media merry go round and just serving you up things that you already know or you already like or your interest or you're already know what you want to read or look at or see or digest, and so that is a big chasm in the in understanding empathy and the other side because you're. Just, getting.

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