Tech giants are embracing remote work. Others may follow


The topic that is on everybody's mind after Mark Zuckerberg facebook. You may remember him. He announced that the company is going to aggressively embrace work from home. Policies and through a series of interviews and conversations with the whole company said that within the next five to ten years half of the company's thousands and thousands of employees could be remote. We'll be remote. He predicts and that has huge implications across the board. So I'm GonNa talk with Corey all about that. Corey's been following a real estate and other related matters for quite some time for us. So he's a he's a good source on this and then also interesting topic that came up this week was the surprise announcement by Disney's streaming chief Kevin Mayor that he is going to be the new. Ceo OF TIKTOK got. It sounds even weird to say just now but there's a lot going on behind the scenes as to why he made this move both what it means for. Disney and what it means for Tiktok and Bite dance that's parent company. So that is that is today's episode. It's stuffed it's chock full and then before I get to my conversation with Corrie who's very patiently waiting on the line right now. I do have an event to plug on Thursday of next week. Our Hong Kong team is going to be interviewing senior executive from Alibaba about how they survived the pandemic a rare get for company. That doesn't speak that much to the press. So it's a very exciting conversation led by our fabulous Hong Kong Bureau. They're all awesome out there. And so if you're interested in this talk I am interested in this talk. You can go to the information dot com slash events. How do Corey today that I get it on that? That was great. And your your future and podcasting. Don't fire me Okay so let's your thoughts. I just like approval just like regular affirmation that. I'm doing a good job Tom. Emails Call Them. How much you like the podcast? You understand this generation. We need to be told. Were good at every step of the way. Please subscribe okay. So tell me tell me about mark Zuckerberg's announcement came like a bolt out of the blue unless you were given pre pre warning about it but what what what did mark announced to the world yesterday. Yeah it wasn't a little bit a little bit of the blue although we've we've seed now A small parade of of tech companies announcing amid the pandemic net. They are embracing remote work in different ways. so On Thursday Mark Zuckerberg made what was on the surface. A modest announcement The the the details are that the company would begin allowing some high performing employees to apply to work from home for as long as they'd like rather than coming into the office. Even after you know. Facebook is open up. They could move. They could beat up Work from home forever like it would also be opening. More satellite offices for engineers in non-commercial cities like Blerta Dallas and Denver and so that I mean opening new satellite offices. That's probably like a deal but facebook is positioning this. In a way that has potentially a big impact

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