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And your own insights. We're sitting there with Murray Linex Murray. Of course Reached the height of supercars hitting the television department department when it was started and for many years role with the line fist quivering pit lane when they do not know none of that but Maria just loved to he becca and hey you got to that. Position of thoughts on television is for the TV. There's been tremendous changes just as it has been with. Because let's let's start with your story where we are where we have had like it. Starting in Adelaide grew up and win ozone layer. I enjoyed being part of the theater group school. It was marrying home all right. It's school was but it doesn't exist anymore. It's just just a lot of houses and are really enjoy de produced a few productions for the school student reviews music things like that and I want to continue to be able to do that sort of thing but at the same time Os wiccan Pat Tom for Co supermarket tomato in the district background and then win lick school. I wanted to continue on in the theater but couldn't get anywhere. It's all had some people who encouragement but to be able to make some money talk plugged up with channel Tint Hint and There was two hundred and forty odd applicants for the dead content to I was one of the two misstep then got the opportunity cheated undetected training not channel seven and they were sixteen of the training of six weeks Ah to not so weak. And at a p two people to employ I was one of the two to five get employed so look a lot and when I look back on it was such a rudimentary operation. This is how ellery they always dead plants and I know it from being stagehand. I went there I had to. I took part in a country. Music Shirk will country to style and Always liked to work one day and when the setting up and the the floor manager under the He likes to whip you get punished almost cheating so essentially to clean the toilets and I was never liked to work again after that but it was a great learning experience because it was live band. Live what it was like an internship. The newest sort of was except that. That's what they did. A lot of production. I would produce juicing programs seven days a week many of them live here and he's got the onslaught live who say now it's wrong to. You've got to be ready. GotTa right and if you're not in you gotta work your way out of the whole you're dug yourself into an an are really enjoyed that every we didn't have much technology she said you had to find ways to mating and I think that's a really good grounding point to be able to do that and I start at his estate into certain certainly because of people who seek people will lady. I am. Cut the opportunity to become cameron. A Studio Cameron than an outside Broadcast House. Coming at a lot that really enjoyed it would have been happy to keep gun except the manager at the time Said said that He thought to more and wanted to become involved so that director the school report that said good aptitude and loads of potential is now coming colletion sort of this. I was also one of the lucky ones to get noticed because I think we we had Non tain twenty crew with him for that. TV stations on the floors cameraman Soundman Roy. A lot and whenever there was a break in production anybody that wants to have a smart guy at the back. I wasn't a smoker said so so when somebody wanted something done I was always there and that comes to maintain weight Szanto. Can you get such exception noticed. Yeah because it wasn't a smoker and I've never forgotten that benefited two ways. Yeah that's right. I should've called coordinator was putting program continued to Air Pro Jimmy produce it. Yes And then from there on to becoming a director of live programs are still kids. Shows new services. They've got both in school and and I became Their local football director for quite some time and I might significant changes. Would I and places like that but I was inspired by the way the Americans did their TV coverage of his and there was nothing that mistrial and the header ABC sport in the US was roone. Arledge men who is credited these days for developing the slide much and he brought a level of entertainment to this sports production That had happened before the house was happening. I'd like to turn up with three or four cameras. Put out full of what was going on the ground and that's country. That was then this the way the tripod wait last time that we put it this time of year and he didn't make any changes from one week to the next year. It's the same thing ever again for a lot of technology that existed at that stage. That's about all you can do because it wasn't very portable but when when things started to change I could say some opportunities to do things differently and absolutely knocked everybody out one day when those directing a football guy and it's a very close finish to the guy and there's a lot of emotion for one of the teams that was involved with people because West torrens and this huge emotion Russia Iran off the field after winning by two or three points and I said to the cameraman we had with Downing Portable Cameron With a headache. Cameroon Ramona Shelbert to go into the rooms. The plas and nobody had ever done that. You created rubbing Brian uh-huh and we went in and just got shots of what was going on and that developed into doing interviews in the rooms and things like that after a few years I got a tation from the producers in mill channel seven Melbourne. Who wanted to have a look how we're doing things and wanted to know Walk was we were able to do some things they went and I said well just think about the different mind okay. And that's been a kate fall. And what can you do it. It's different what can you do to help the audience get a better understanding of what's happening the sport and and remember that old sport is a huge emotional package. And that's one of the things I really love that often influx thousands of rules football games. 'cause I went on to Melbourne Sydney and worked for a first company solder channel seven to produce the Inveigh L. coverage a horrendous. Drive the company. So what was that company's name That was broadcom. Remember the logo. I bought the two rocks to produce the pill as that was the first this year off the Brisbane bears and also the West Coast Eagles and Lift Channel Seven and Adelaide win with for kind of flew from lot from late on a Friday to put the product evening Perth and fly back to Melbourne. And do a guy said I. After noon in Melbourne catch applying the Sydney. The Gold Coast Son said I nod Sunday morning. Do A game on the Gold Coast and fly back on Sunday night Monday morning. Pinning aware of US said they was easily call Wednesday Thursday. I worked with a lot of people who've never never done I feel coverage and I With people that were senior management of the different from stuyvesant and got to know that helped me a lot about to move on from there and welcome contract for cheese it was here and then moved out into independent production company and work for that company Pool. Twelve or something okay. And and in the midst of all that contracted Channel Ten tenant work in Sydney to become involved as Gulf Gulf director for them. I've never directed golf but I did pretty well that can. It's an amazing mizen sports radio. Hey you need to understand where everybody is on the golf course and WHO's likely to become into the four where the story story tonight as many people can actually build that story in the head and develop a priority system. What you have to And did you walk. Awesome Busse ahead of sport at Channel Channel Great friend among and He then coached me to.

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