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Area in Massachusetts he he listens on W. RKO and in right to me all the time but his wife wants to know why his voice is there's the pennant Verrall al yeah yeah I I gotta love poker because listed above them on a bad day if I'm down poco will write me a message over on Facebook I get a job tags poco from Boston here normally I listen on WRKO but tonight I'm watching the newsmax TV my walls my wife walked in during the seven PM monologue and says oh my god does your boss make a look so incredibly Verrall why is he wearing a silk pajama top on TV older that you had a hernia and they had to use a chainsaw to get it out that's actually true it's actually true pocos wife poco all right pogo's really married but used to give us a general area I'm not sure today I not diseases okay I would tell you we were still give me once in awhile this is our thing all right over it so what is something mean they did earlier with a with my daughter Gabby dawn well I I might have told her I might have asked her she saw the jar is in the bathroom uhhuh there's only me which are I said well after the operation I kept the hernia all in the charts next to your next your kindle in the bed of course a hernia isn't something you can keep pace opening in the stomach you have to have its own shot which happened a week ago but she was like dad if it's in there and fight it out I don't want to see your he thought I put the hernia that's the kind of data it's got a relationship we have eight eight nine four one tags job had dot com lot of phone calls coming in do me a favor please and tell the people of Bernie Sanders the idiot had to say please please about trying to please okay from fox news senator Bernie Sanders is claim China's done more to help its people escape extreme poverty than any other country thank you please yes because I need you to say that again and if you don't mind see a little slower because I want people don't really really really ingest what this idiot said about China god senator Bernie Sanders has claimed that China has done more to help its people escape extreme poverty than any other country the actual quote yes what we have to say about China in fairness to China and its leadership is if I'm not mistaken they have made more progress in addressing extreme poverty than any country in the history of civilization Sanders told the hill on Tuesday so they've done a lot of things for their people it knowledge however the country was moving in a more authoritarian direction an apparent reference to Beijing's response to pro democracy protests in Hong Kong the center's comments are the ways complements the self described democratic socialist has paid to communist regimes falling praise of Cuba and the former Soviet Union please say the first line again because this again if this doesn't show you the lack of intelligence is man carries around with them nothing really will just say the first line again for me senator Bernie Sanders is claimed that China has done more to help its people escape extreme poverty than any other country do you know how the people are trying to escape poverty they are killed they died or they're killed China has killed tens of millions of their own people Chinese people just slaughtered them for any reason under the sun actively today China is harvesting their organs of people who are dissidents of the government if you speak out against the government of China they arrest you and then they harvest your organs or tissues in the head that's it eight in Beijing seven thousand people died because they just wanted some freedom and liberty seven thousand in Tiananmen Square Bernie Sanders what he said was grotesque no might wonder made is this this is an easy question maybe it's not what isn't Bernie Sanders movies old **** to China that's a good question because it was a big year in America and the what China is a what's China he applauds Cuba your plugs Venezuela in those countries if you speak out using your your god given right that we have now memorialized with the first amendment to speak out to bring redress to complain about your own government if you want you die in these countries it's not like Hey stop that body it's Hey here's what you're at that's it you're done in North Korea which I'm sure he probably loves them to two hundred thousand with Koreans are behind bars now doing manual labor twelve hours a day because they spoke out against the lives or the deals are the kittens if this guy doesn't know it yet opinion on this Kerry does he not know or does he say things like this and he knows that it's wrong that somehow will get elected I'm my guess is he really believes what he says because millions upon millions of people in China have escape poverty through death that's how they did it they died at the hands of the government and by the way the president there president she's and who am I to judge your your your call she is as personal pronoun the aficionado she's in pain I believe something like the others it was she thought she all of that yeah now do I call him or he or she will call me him yeah he yeah I I wouldn't I wouldn't know but I should call him she but they still say him yes is it or is that something now it's not it's not a no it's not a transfer and your short because we'll research I'm pretty sure okay so president xi he will be president for life you realize that you have to have elections he'll win one hundred percent of nothing right yes because if you vote against them he will help you escape poverty wait wait could get out of it sorry eight eight nine four one tags at eight nine four one seven two four seven agenda that got literally thirty seconds make it happen come on what the rate that this talk show guys lost his show is the same reason that might be lost when he ran for president the S. considered unfair advertising well once every three hours hours a day he he would talk about white elect to be yeah exactly right yeah we have a local guy on our the station you're on here like that from six to nine he ran for city council was elected but he was not allowed to be on the air during election time I hear you Janet very good point that I I I look at the bottom of the the day you wanna be the present or to run against Donald Trump you probably like to keep your day job as a talk show host I'm just here to help we come back and be Ted Poe former congressman great state of Texas there.

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