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805 100. 18 42 simply call Now purity is going to rush you out. You're free bottle of krill, Omega 50 plus to try for yourself, and that's what's exciting about this deal. You get to try it for yourself with the shipping being 100% refundable. It's a win win. Really. So remember Carla Mega 50 features these tiny power packs soft gales, which are so easy to swallow, no more. Those big what they call horse pills. They're easy to swallow. Plus, they're super concentrated an ultra purify, but the special offer it gets even better. So listen to this If you're one of the 1st 1000 collars from this weekend's radio show is Dr Neil Levin said a moment ago. Purity is also going to give away a free bottle of their delicious B 12 energy mounts. You're gonna love these V 12 melts, folks. It's for an instant burst of natural energy that you could enjoy every day to give you that boost. So to get started on this double free offer call 1 805 118 42 again. I'm going to say it slowly so you can write this down 1 800 518 42. Now The special offer is not available in stores or online on Lee through the special hotline set up for today's show. So call right now for your free bottle of krill, Omega 50 Plus and your freebie 12 energy melts at 1 805 100. 18 42 again. That's 1 805 118 42 now, Doc, I've seen these ads where they say that krill oil is 48 times stronger than fish oil Is that true? Doesn't make any sense. Well, obviously these were the cruel guys talking right? Right. But you could look at it both ways. Let's get into krill in just a moment. But first, let's have official guys on the shoulder because you know you could say that the fish oil is better and stronger. But we're talking about the concentrated high omega three fish oil here. It's higher than the Omega three. The EPA and DHD that are so important for the heart, the brain the memory mood, your eyes, your skin, your hair, your nails..

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