Ivanka Trump, Jay Golden, Kansas discussed on AP News Radio


The European Union rules online platforms like Google and Facebook to step up the fight against fake news but praises the approach of Twitter for fact checking tweets by president Donald Trump European Commission vice president he would you roll over once online tech companies to upscale action taken to prevent a fake news info Dimmick amid concerns of some nations in particular Russia and China have engaged in targeted influence operations and disinformation campaigns in the E. U. and globally no details came out though all of the jurors praised the approach of Twitter last month when he placed fact check warnings on 2 tweets from trump's own account the cold mail in election ballots prudence I'm predicting problems with the November US elections I'm Charles de Ledesma hi Mike Rossi a reporting Wichita state university's president is under fire after canceling a speech by Ivanka trump the Kansas board of regents met to discuss the fate of Wichita State University president Jay golden Wednesday amid a backlash over his decision to cancel a speech by Ivanka trump last Thursday just hours after announcing trump would give a virtual speech for the WSU tech graduation golden cancelled the speech after a professor's open letter of protest drew nearly 500 signatures if I could trumpet visited WSU tech last fall to promote its training programs former board member Steve Clark sent a letter Monday calling for golden's ouster hi Mike Rossi up

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