A Strange Bridge


Welcome to kiss myths and mysteries. I am your host kid chrome today. We're GONNA take a look at a mirror universe and possibly a fourth dimension in this podcast. I'm going to skip over the incredibly complicated nature of the life of a star that is necessary for black hole warm. I'm going to jump to the Weinstein Rosen Bridge. This is literally a bridge that connects with another. It was believed for decades based on conclusions by these two Greg. Mines that any ship. Let's say a rocket ship. Avars would be crushed if it entered this Einstein Rosen bridge however this thinking was disproved by Zealand mathematician. Roy Kerr who found another solution to passing through a black hole slash wormhole I. I need to make it absolutely clear. The black holes wormholes really do physically exist. So we can take that theory off of the proverbial chalkboard and say. Hey it's real second. The idea that our ship would be crushed when entering the block. Whole was based on the theory that it would enter from the side it was Kerr. The mathematician from New Zealand deduced that a ship fired centrally into the black hole would not be crush and could pass through to the other side. Where Mirror Universe or fourth dimension is waiting. What would that look like? Well imagine that are rocket has entered the Einstein Rosen bridge dead center as a rocket approaches a spinning block. Holo it detects a ring shaped spinning star the closer we get to the ring. The more light from the Mirror universe illuminates the effect resembles a hall of Mirrors. But we know this is going to happen so we are not fooled into thinking that the images are real. This big question can a black hole be used to travel throughout the Galaxy S in Star Trek? Here's the RUB. The curvature in space is determined by the amount of matter energy that is what would crush our ship and remember that matter. Energy comes from the close of or explosion of a star that I skipped over. The front of this podcast. When Captain Kirk takes us through hyperspace warp factor five the crystals must produce credible energy that among other keeps the ship from being crushed and at the same time creates a faster than the speed of light that is necessary for the ship to safely pass through a black hole of orders that leave us now. Let's assume that we can safely pass through the Einstein Rosen Bridge. What would this look like? Imagine that you were walking down main street. Usa The strange floating window opens up in front of you floating window for this example. All ignore the fact enough energy to make that window appear will probably shatter the earth. So with that bought out of the way you walk up to the floating window for better luck until your total shop. You see a face now. Let's say that the wind picks up and the baseball CAP. You were wearing blown through the window following his flight. You see blown into the sky of the other universe. It seems amazing that such a simple idea that higher dimensions can unify space with time and then a force can be explained by that warping of space time with black hole slash wormhole and the multiple connection with space. Where still probing the very limousine Weinstein's theory of general relativity? In fact the amount of energy matter necessary to create a wormhole or dimensional gateway is enough to make your brain AAC since we don't have Dr Lithium Crystals to protect us as we pass through a black hole. We have to wait for another theory before we launched that spaceship down the center of a Wormhole but the most speculative consequence of connect universes dimensions is a concept of building a time machine more on that time machine structure and what it would look like in a later

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