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The in boston how you had a mike miller night no and i don't forsee one in the few now we can get up get on their own wanted un lammi one in memphis are you want your what am i glad i'm good i'm good right here at volcano show in order to in south dakota and south dakota threat um all right so anyway paul pierce night didn't when isaiah thomas video tribute his night right and so jaylen last not an nba countdown put it to him listen to this i got to say a word for you fail i thought it was petty on who old paul pierce as far apart i love what is somehow heart because to me they're going to be all type of announced missed a happened the forty eight minutes during a game okay all types okay including celebrating isaiah thomas could be one of them would does not take away from your situation like colby's they happened during the game because they're doing yours post game but throughout the game you're going to have different memories submit their so now you take another two days you in the mirror and put that a n in this is the thing they all about your birthday only your birthday lot people birthday happen it ingrid we we didn't have the part what paul said to him later he said jaylen i am petty and i might be petty eighty one more time so referencing the 81 lovie eleazar the cobi put one hundred jail high of crowder countdown petty.

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