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And you know there's always so much to talk about when it comes to the pittsburgh steelers but the inquiry surrounding the black and gold are definitely ever-evolving especially this week with the draft less than a week away. Mike tomlin extension the jersey number row changing justin lanes arrest and the threat of all a hundred villanueva moving to the baltimore ravens. It seems like the musical selection. That best fits. This week's factor fiction could be the hall and oates top ten hit from nineteen eighty-three say it is in. So here's a sample of that. Great pop single. Say it. tell me what you want. Yeah i'll do it baby. I promise right now say it. Who prop you up when you were stopped. Low motivation had you on the ground. I know your first reaction you slide away hideaway goodbye. But if there's a doubt maybe i can give out a thousand reasons. Why you have to say doesn't so you can ponder the significance or wonder whether they are related here or maybe i just want an excuse to listen to the legendary duo of daryl john. Yes my favorites but anyhow there is surely a lot to wonder about be. Tse tries to answer some of the poignant wanderings ahead of time take a gander at some bold statements on this and more as we label them as fact or fiction. Are we on point. Well of course only time will tell factor fiction number one alejandro. Villanueva is a traitor if he joins the baltimore ravens fiction hell to the no all hundred villanueva is a free agent and that period officially began on march seventeenth. The steelers have signed three offensive linemen and the persons of johannesburg rashad coward and zach banner. Who was reassigned to the steelers. They have no immediate. Need for all honjo. I would think the ravens would be attractive to the veteran of the us armed forces which the ravens celebrate very often in pre-game billing away by feed his family. If he wants to stay in the game he's going to go where he's wanted just because it's a rival doesn't mean that he's going to turn down the opportunity i realize in the past guys like hines ward so that he would rather retire than join a team like the ravens and that's his prerogative but hines ward had fifteen years in the league and that was a personal choice. Villanova has to make a choice on whether he wants to remain working or not. You can't fault him for the next jersey. He wears whether it's purple or not when his former team did nothing to keep them factor fiction number two. The draft plan will surely go out the window if certain players fall fact. I've said this before. And i'll say it again. Players will arise without occurring which it always does others will fall and the teams that stop the slide benefit from it back in two thousand eighteen mitch. Trubisky made a late run up the draft boards. Well lamar jackson almost fell out of the first round. We all know how that turned out. We've seen the likes of dan marino. Aaron rodgers drop. We could go all day citing players that endured a free fall and the teams have benefited from their descent. Down the draft board the steelers famously saw rod woodson dropped to them at number ten in nineteen eighty. Seven ben rothlisberger epic green room waiting game in twenty four as well as david. Decastro and bud dupree plummeting in two thousand twelve and two thousand fifteen respectively. There's other instances to if i guy like christian dera saw mike parsons or any other player expected to go very early on is available. The steelers could abandon their expected plan. Of course you've got us -ssume that the steelers have a high number of scenarios already planned out and we'll be ready for anything factor fiction number three this could be the ideal draft first steelers trade down twenty twenty one is the perfect draft for the steelers are trae down if they are so inclined. Sure the team has so many needs but because of covid nineteen. This is a much more loaded draft even in the middle rounds. There's a reason for that to some players. Took the entire twenty twenty collegiate season off and others had a step up in their absence. Basically there's so much to choose from with the steelers. Having a lot of draft needs an extra pick in those middle rounds or an extra second rounder might be so valuable. I realized that you want to have a first rounder. Because of all of that important fifth year option therefore it would be ideal for the steelers to trade down but remain in the first round if they could kevin colbert is always going to answer the phone and the steelers have traded down in the past but never out of the first round technically traded out of the first round when they picked up makeup. It's patrick in twenty. One thousand nine hundred four. They're two thousand twenty number one pick however when trading out of the first round in the same draft. They haven't done it at least not in the chuck knoll. Bill cower. Mike tomlin era. This would definitely be the year to do it if they so choose factor fiction number four justin lanes arrest alters. The steelers draft plan at the position of cornerback fiction so justin lane gets arrested this week for speeding marijuana and having a gun in his car. This event actually has some fans in media. Wondering if the steelers are going to elevate cornerback even more up their draft board lane was not penciled in to be a starter and he is adept piece. The steelers were targeting a corner regardless of lanes extracurricular activities but it could have been in the third or fourth round draft. One high to which many people assumed that they would but that is more due to the fact that show. Hayden's contract is running out. Soon and steven nelson is no longer on the team. But it has nothing to do with the arrest of the third year man from michigan state. Justin lane doesn't really factor in this decision factor. Fiction number five extending. Mike tomlin's contract. Three years is actually good strategy. Fact i get that there is quite a bit of steelers fans. That don't feel that. Mike tomlin has achieved enough with the roster. He has had since twenty seven. Just like in the late ninety when everybody thought it was time for hometown. Boy bill cower to go. Some people were dismayed when the steelers offered and tomlin accepted a three year extension this week. That's really good strategy. I have to tell you that the reason why starts with ben roethlisberger if we were tires and you're starting over. Having a coach with the reputation players that tomlin has is so imperative. We saw it in the twenty twenty one off season where three steelers decided to stick around with a team when they could have gotten more money elsewhere now. There are a lot of reasons for that but a lot of it has to do with the culture that mike tomlin is put in place having tomlin. Around after ben's departure could prevent a total rebuild. If the next two years actually see the team take a step back with their first losing season. In the mike tomlin era the team may decide to part ways but for now it's a shrewd move to hand coach. T. three more years there. You have it. It's factor fiction from behind the curtain dot com. My name is brian. Anthony davis remember. It's draft week. There's got to be so much more happening and it. It's going to be exciting and that.

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