European Parliament, Federica Mccranie, Foreign Policy discussed on BBC Newshour


In most so are now reduced to a five hundred meters square block heilong long before they're defeated isis losses imminent in no way expect that prime minister body in the government or rack will claimed victory over isis in mozell within days we have from an opposition march in turkey women breaking to boost to play traditional musical instruments enter keno fresh serb and will discuss the ethics of sex robots hole after the news bbc news quixima camry the russian foreign minister said gain after all sense russia and china oppose any move to resolve the north korean nuclear crisis by force as news conference mr lavrov also said the two countries where against tense to strangle north korea economically with more here's serving sent russia is concerned by rising tensions on the korean peninsula that secular froth warns that any attempt to resolve the crisis by force could spark unpredictable consequences with urgent talks on the situation you in the un security council russia's foreign minister said the task un was to denuclearize as he puts it the whole korean peninsula he said any resolution adopted must not be a pretext regime change in pyongyang president trump says china is not doing enough to rein in pyongyang as evidence he pointed to china's forty percent growth in trade with north korea in the first quarter of this year foreign ministers from saudi arabia the uae bahrain and egypt have gathered in cairo to discuss their dispute with qatar they broke off all links with the qataris a month ago after accusing them of supporting jihadi groups qatar denies the allegations in the last hour its foreign minister again condemn the action taken against his country the european parliament is the proof the firstever formal cooperation pact between the european union and cuba moving them a step closer to the normalization of relations the agreement signed in december when i'll be presented to all eu member states for ratification the eu's foreign policy chief federica mccranie said it was important for the block.

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