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Latest sports update. And here's Andrew. Not going to say anymore. Sports flash. Amy middle name, unknown. Good morning their regular season went an extra game. Now, they're postseason debut went extra innings the Colorado Rockies still going surviving the NFL wildcard game two one in thirteen over the cubs at Wrigley that deciding Ron driven by third string catcher. Tony walters. His manager but blacks, great teammate. He's he's unselfish. You know, he just cares about the Rockies, which is which is awesome Walters. Game winner was the third straight two out. Single off Kyle Hendricks. These second starting pitcher the cubs used in relief last night. And what was the longest winner moves on game imposed season history. The Rockies now starting division series tomorrow in Milwaukee while the cubs failed to reach at least for the first time since two thousand fourteen John Lester started for Chicago last night allow just first first-inning run. And sometimes you got to you got a tip your head to the opponent. I mean thirteen innings snide against a really good team. We come out on the short in the stick. But. I feel like we we should have won that game. And then he started cursing cub batters struck out sixteen times left ten men on base the AL wildcard game is tonight. Eight eastern in the Bronx. The Yankees will start Luis Severino while the as go with with reliever Liam Hendriks, he opened eight September games. Hendrix didn't allow run in the last seven. The dodgers will start in review in game. One in Atlanta tomorrow not Clayton Kershaw who allowed eight runs on fourteen hits silvers. Last eleven innings starting game. Two allows crucial to pitch game five on regular rest. If necessary away from the postseason Paul Molitor not returning as twins manager. The NFL is suspended Seahawks. Linebacker Michael kendricks indefinitely for violating the personal conduct policy specifically by pleading guilty to insider trading in a soul doubt, Staples Center for the bronze preseason home debut. Thirteen points, three rebounds, three assists in fifteen minutes. All in the first half in a one thirteen one eleven lost to the nuggets. I mean, Andrew bogusch..

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