Bachelor in Paradise Ended the Summer of Scam in Epic, Appalling Fashion


So this week's episode I interviewed Astros lock from Nick vile season of the bachelor and this season of bachelor in paradise that show just ended. Sadly it's a big summer hit and she found love with Kevin, went Kevin, was the Canadian firefighter who also appeared on bachelor winter games. He wasn't a relationship with Ashley. I can any for a little bit, and he claims that she cheated on him with Jared, and that basically it was upon to make Jared jealous. And of course now, you know, Ashley and Jarrod are engaged also sort of strange because they got engaged on the show right in front of Kevin. So astronaut Kevin found love, but then he broke up with her the last day of filming, he broke down into tears and said, he couldn't move forward. In their relationship. They ended up staying together getting back together after filming ended. And now she's spending a month with him, Canada and travelling to Bali. So I caught up with her to find out how it all worked out in the end. I really like her and I was excited to doctor because she seems really levelheaded about relationships. Now from that same show, there were two couples that got engaged crystal and the goose, Chris random, and then Jordan Kimball and Jenna. Jordan just found out the Jenna has been cheating on him, which was of no shock to me because I could tell you right away that that woman has lost her marbles. She referred to herself as an alien and seemed totally disinterested in anybody, but the camera. So he is such a nice person. I interviewed him last week and he's heartbroken and I saw screen shots that his mother had posted saying how horrible it is to hold your grown son as he weeps. I mean, do you just want to kick that girl in the face or what? She's pretty gross. And now she claims that the text messages with another man that were revealed, are all fake and that she's getting her lawyer involved. Eleven when people say that I have somebody investigating, of course, then you never hear from her again about the issue. So yes, she's awful and I'm not surprised, but I hope that Jordan has a huge career after this and that he finds love. Also on that finale you had analysts who was willing to be with anybody on that show. She's so consumed with finding her husband that she lost all sight of reality. She was involved with this guy, Camille whose job was listed on the previous season of the bachelorette as social influence or I mean, so he basically is unemployed. She felt deeply involved with him within twenty four hours and his surprise. It didn't work out. This is my suggestion. And the suggestion of a couple. In the podcast Facebook group, the girl should go on married at first sight. Of course, then my worry is that's not gonna work out and it's all going to spiral out of control.

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