The weird twist in the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry


He is Marty Smith who spent most of the year in Alabama or so it seems but today he is in Columbus Ohio getting ready for the big game up there mardi thanks for. Joining us set the scene for us in Ohio. We know Apollo good evening. Yeah. You're right. I think I had five Alabama games this year. Maybe six I don't know most of them. But I'm up in Columbus right now. It's getting cold outside. It's going to be nasty and rainy tomorrow, and we're in the lobby here at the Woody Hayes athletic center, and they are getting ready, man. It's it's fun to talk to the coaches and the players about this rivalry, you know, growing up in the south as I did. And you know, you've lived there your whole life as well. We look at at the iron bowl, which you guys are at and we all know about Janki Red Sox and all of those great rivalries. But this one's extremely special. It's kind of boring off of respectful hate for one another. They don't hate the man, but they hate the establishment on the other side of the football. And of course, it was all born in a fight over Toledo all those years ago. So when you're fighting over Toledo brother, it makes for a hell of a good rivalry. I was reading about that today coming over here. Toledo for those who don't know is fairly close to the Michigan line. It's also where urban Meyer in Jim Harbaugh were both born same hospital about seven months apart. And and it's pretty amazing Marty how a city in Ohio could be is amazing right in the middle of it. All. Is what blows my mind is what you just said. It's funny. I wrote an essay kind of really chronicling the hatred between the schools and the foundation of the rivalry and the evolution of the rivalry with both sham Boeckler and Woody Hayes in the ten year war and then the two thousand six game the game of the century on and on. And there's so many indelible moments any whether it's Desmond our boy flashing the flesh and the I'm actually staying in the Ohio State lobby right now. Maybe I shouldn't be mentioning those things or Charles Woodson running punts back and all those amazing moments, and I was floored when I learned that urban and horrible we're both from Toledo born into Lido. And then I was even further shocked by the fact that it was the same

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