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Deadly flooding continues a name for judge Kavanagh's accuser. I'm Evan Haning. Florence has weakened to a tropical depression, but that merely means the wind speeds backed off at the end of the day. There is still more rain on the way. Meteorologist Allison Chinchar says some areas that haven't had much rain or starting to see their heaviest bands of precipitation, and that's going to be the central portion of North Carolina. Which is why we've really started to see those flash flood warnings really expanded in that portion. In fact, areas of Winston Salem now under a flash flood warning eighteen deaths are now blamed on Florence volunteer groups such as the Cajun navy and emergency workers are scrambling to save hundreds of people still trapped by rising waters, and correspondent Clayton Neville says the threat of tornadoes hovers over the Carolinas a waterspout spotted just offshore and Myrtle Beach tornado warnings popped up in the minutes following for miles inland. No reported damage and the weather service yet to confirm if a tornado touch down on land. Forecasters say tornado. It was in tropical systems.

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