Over 500,000 customers without power in Carolinas after Florence


And let's talk about Florence hurricane Florence. They're saying that eighteen people have been killed already due to hurricane. Florence hundreds people at trapped and over half a million people in North Carolina in sixty one thousand in South Carolina, don't have power the number of people without power is even bigger than that since a single customer can represent an entire family, by the way by the end of this storm. They say they will be up to forty inches that will have fallen in south eastern, North Carolina, and and northeastern tip of South Carolina. So they're saying there could be up to six more inches of rain that could fall and parts of North Carolina and Virginia up until Tuesday evening that must be upstate South Carolina because all my people in South Carolina in the low country area day was like yesterday this weekend was great cookout with more than nine hundred water rescues that were reported in North Carolina alone. People do still need help. So they say is so bad in North Carolina. The state transportation department is telling people not to travel into state

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