Jets rally around Sam Darnold after rough loss to Dolphins


You had the New York Jets in their home opener a Jew stuff MetLife stadium where you had the chip van all fired up the C Sam Donaldson home debut. He also had a lot of dolphin fans as per usual making the annual trip, and what you got is basically a carbon copy of what we've seen in the Todd Bowles era. This is not same old jets because you feel good about your quarterback, which will get to in a moment. Todd Bowles teams though when they have that dominant win. They usually lose the following in. Now, not gonna say they laid a complete agonists entire game because they did fight back in the second half. But they lay in the first half down twenty nine against the Miami Dolphins. And what you saw in that first half is the inexperience of a rookie quarterback who at times is going to make some steaks the TJ McDonald interception. Sam darnold didn't see TJ McDonald. Big lead to a Miami Dolphins. Touchdown. Dan, you look at the end of the first half. And this way, you're going to take the jets coaching staff task here. The lack of awareness at twenty to nothing. As time went out and not get points. At the end of the first half is inexcusable. That's on everybody involved. That's on Donald that Don Herndon that is on Bates and Amazon Todd Bowles. You gotta come away with something. Now, they did not. Daniel a big sequence in this game. When the dolphins will get shut down, and it will get shut down a ton. That third quarter. You get the strip Saka. Ryan tannehill you set up down twenty to sixty Santa right here we go just scored right back in the game. And Donald throws the intercession. Beautiful pay by Exergen Howard, Terrell Pryor. Doesn't run the right route. And that was a killer. But all in all from Sam darnold. You still saw a lot of things you really liked the bounce back. He made some plays on the Ron you new things the dolphins. We're going to be able to do in this game. We're going to be able to generate pressure. Eight jet offensive. I couldn't handle Raba Quinn. They couldn't handle Cameron. Wake felt like the dolphins were getting pressure play after the play. And what did I say Sunday morning if the jets were going to win this game they needed to run the football actively? Jets could not get a running game going with blowout. Palate. Could not get a running game goal with Isaiah Crowell. But yet. That's an eight point game and the unfortunate nature of this game. If you're Jeff Han is that San Donna was starting to get into a groove. He starting to get into a rhythm. And he doesn't get a chance to get the football back in MRs way, look at

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