Indonesia a haven for heavy metal


A pretty tantalizing reckon there for story that Chevron will eventually emerge from the jungle to fall for the IB say that out the family, she found they will have a great story to tell. We'll be hearing that some time down the track. Guess you'd have to say. For all the abbey's as foreign correspondents. That job can take them too strange and unfamiliar worlds, and a touch of culture shock can be a common affliction. But sometimes their assignments too far like hell's can bring them reminders of their own origins. Let's see now from Indonesia correspondent, David Lipson who found himself getting his head bang on in Jakarta, recently, LIPA, Don, these black shirt and ripped jeans to attend the recent guns N roses concert in Jakarta in his search for Indonesia's heavy middle. My him. My wife spotted the tickets in the Jakarta Facebook group guns and roses, reunited, most of them anyway and playing in Indonesia's capital. Just a stone's throw away from the mall known as Sonoran city with the grass is paved in the air is greedy. I was in. I'd seen them in nine hundred ninety three at Eastern Creek in Sydney's, western suburbs, aged fourteen gun is infamy end decadence was at its peak just before they imploded in disappeared for a few decades concert was described by the media at the time is the biggest gig Australia had ever seen. It'll be remembered as a day of heavy metal mayhem the estrange. Impress were obsessed with the band's reputation for causing trouble. If they press conference even Norman Gunston got into yet. Gunston roses. A few decades later presumably with a Bank balances depleted nave reformed axl slash Duff. Dizzy back on tour and willing to sweat it out on stage in Jakarta's swampy heat. He'd make HAMAs a surprise to hear, but Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim nation, which is facing a rash of religious. Conservatism is something of a haven. The heavy metal groups of black clad longhaired, locals can be seen huddled around their phones in parks all over the capital. And as a nation Indonesia is prolific when it comes to producing noise that I'm told is pretty well respected on the middle. Saint. This is all female all Muslim band. Betcha approach which this year gained worldwide attention for the unconventional attire headlines. Like hid bangers in jobs. Pleasant. Little Diddy is by band called Berga kill from bundle. I've previously played heaving crowds at the big day out and sound way concerts in Astrid, just wrapped up another successful European tour with Philo minstrels dead scored on this night, though in Jakarta, g NF and IRS was the name up in lights and among the crowd. None other than Indonesia's President Joko Widodo described as the world's first metal head of state. He regularly slashes universal sign for rocking out with index and pinky fingers. Extended like devil horns is record collection. Includes the likes of megadeath ni- palm diff- lamb of God godless symptoms and slayer is love of Metallica is legendary and is even go to into hot water twice in two thousand thirteen metallica's Robert Trujillo gave him a signed bass guitar leading to allegations. It was a bribe. That Qatar now sits proudly in the foyer of Indonesia's corruption radicalization commission, then this year, the rock and roll president was back in the press after you folks out more than a thousand dollars to ensure a signed limited edition, sit of metallica's master of puppets album, didn't go the same way as the guitar. It was a gift from Denmark's, prime minister and Under Indonesia's anti corruption laws couldn't be accepted without a price. I knew the president's attendance of the stadium was sure to cause even more traffic havoc than usual as his motorcade would shut down all the roads near the stadium. So it set aside a modest two and a half hours to get to a nearby restaurant. Grab a quick burger with some friends and walk over to the stadium. I'd massively underestimated Jakarta's infamous much it or traffic jams. When the taxi finally arrived to pick me up. It took two hours to travel the three point seven kilometres. Why didn't you get out and walk? He you ask well idea. Eventually with no footpath had to weave between cars and motorbikes on the motorway in a slow motion race to get their time walking down the middle of the road. Twelve lane road. I think I'm chugging along when the traffic guys bit faster. And then going back to a walk when when things. Resume that crawls after twenty minutes of inhaling exhaust, fumes miraculously bumped into my friends who had the tickets, and we made our way across the overpass above an ocean of red brake lights honking homes eventually into the stadium sitting down just in time to be welcomed to the jungle. So who's written about LA yearly eighties? But it could just as easily be Jakarta 2018. The gig lasted a full three hours. They played all the hits sweat poured off lead guitarists slashes forearms as he shredded the solos. I have looked more dead than alive a bit like he'd been drawn with a lift hand. He's still got it lead singer axl rose still has something he couldn't quite hit the high notes like he wants could. But he still screeched like a banshee even found on a few occasions. I lost control of my top lip is it curled up into a gun as style. Head. Banging smile. I looked around. I realized like those on stage, and like me the gun is crowded gained a few years and a few kilograms since the early ninety s may have been twenty years between concerts, one thing guns and roses fans have always head. He's a little patience. Indonesia correspondent David Lipson reporting there with help from exile slash Duff. And dizzy, and maybe just a touch of an egg Qatar Sola this somewhere along the way as well.

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