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It easier for you to vote. Regardless of who you're voting for but ultimately this is a good result and there is nothing there were no legal procedures now left that will toss out those votes that have already been cast that that's the real victory again even though it's not it's not about what we should have had to one last bonus bid if you've listened all the way to the end even though it didn't flag this before you may have seen the news that seven pennsylvania counties are not going to begin counting early mail in ballots. A until after the until after election night right until after all in person voting has been counted. This is a transparent effort To try and drive down. The vote totals On election day For joe biden in the state All seven of these counties. This is beaver cumberland. Franklin green junie oughta mercer and montour counties in pennsylvania all seven were trump counties in two thousand sixteen Well three of them are tiny little counties. Green junie oughta and montour are tiny counties. The other three are moderately. Sized the largest cumberland which has two hundred and thirty five thousand voters in it And is the sixteenth largest county in pennsylvania. Sixty two counties best evidence is that this is a one hundred and fifty thousand total mail in ballots that will be affected This does not mean. They won't count right and this will not be subject to the supreme court's order. These are not Ballots that You know are subject to potential disqualification because they might arrive late but be postmarked. Before election day these are balanced that have already arrived. okay they will be counted. This is just more evidence that The numbers particularly out of pennsylvania On election night May look good for trump and that state may ultimately go to biden. If you're following our livestream if you're following any of the posts that i've made on patriots on Which been available to anyone at any level You will see that if you trust in math Most of the scenarios do not require right. This are are such that The election is not going to be To fifty eight to two fifty eight electoral votes waiting on pennsylvania's twenty electoral votes to come in I agree that would be a nightmare. Scenario that would require massive polling errors beyond a single standard deviation. And it's an unlikely Although you know twenty sixteen proved that that some unlikely results do happen. So that's the sort of late breaking news everything else I'm sure we're going to have All kinds of reports tomorrow With respect to individual polling places and individual irregularities on both sides will will cover any bic stories obviously in our livestream eight to ten eastern five to seven pacific You'll you're all prepared to join us there and Other than that This is you know. Take take a deep breath Get out there and vote if you haven't and and these are these are good. These are good results and be be cautiously optimistic. It's okay to be nervous. Take care of your mental health. Be cautious optimistic for later on today. We'll see at eight pm..

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