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I've mentioned a couple of weeks ago. T shirts are in the making they will be very expensive. They will be very unique collector's items if you will the fun and frivolity show t shirts. So be on the lookout for those. If you want to jump in on the show this evening love to have you here's how you do that. You can get in touch with a robot calling to one, six, two, zero, zero, nine, six, six. Email, Greg at the BBC Choose Central Show Dot Com on the twitter instagram said bbq central show anything else you WANNA find out about the show can be found at the main website, the bbq central show dot com, and here's what's happening kitchen at the newsletter coming up in about twelve to thirteen minutes from now is the second Tuesday of the month. which you know if you're a fan of the show brings a visit from the creator of Amazing Ribs Dot Com meathead. However. If you join me last week during the first Tuesday of the month. You would know that October is special because I am taking my. Regulars. Or recurring guests or whatever you WanNa call them and doing what I'm terming the origin stories of all of them. So for instance, last week, if you're just new to the show, you're just fighting it here on the thirteenth of October. I had a origin story in the first hour last week with Malcolm Breed from how to barbecue right and in the second hour I had one with Sam the cooking guy who's my second, our regular Tuesday guests of the on the first Tuesday of the month that was really convoluted as I was saying it out loud. And the the concept or the idea here is. I would say on the whole. If you're somewhat knowledgeable about the industry, you can find some rudimentary information. Meet heads got a really big bio on amazing ribs. Dot Com that he wrote I don't think anybody else on the show that maybe Stephen. But nobody has a quite the extensive bio like meathead has on amazing ribs dot com so I wanted to. Put together a piece that is within this timeframe that we're in now that you can go back and reference or perhaps I can go back and reference them for you. If you shoot me an email and go, hey, I would really love to know more about Malcolm or Steven Reich winner Robin Lindores or the embedded correspondents will now I will have a point in time that I can go back and say, Hey, this is all current. We did a deep dive back from when they were born all the way to present day and here's what you have now ten or fifteen years from now. Obviously that could be a little bit dated if we might have to do some more or renew some origin stories on the folks that are still alive. So we'll hold that off for now but really looking forward to doing the second week here in October of origin stories with meathead. So format is changing a little bit. I. Mean we're still doing the segments is still going to be beat head, but I am also allotting for time into the second hour because we are literally starting from the beginning. So I don't want to rush through it. That's why we want long with I mean we fed Malcolm in an hour because. He was fairly succinct in how he was answering the questions just fit within the hour Sam one an hour and a half I'm not putting any. Real. Time constraints on meathead. So we're going to do first hour, and then if it breaches over into the second hour or most of the second hour, that's fine I do have a thirty five past the second our guest for the bullpen segment. His name is AJ Luhan. He is a competitive state cook. He's fifteen years old. The name the last name sounds familiar. It's because he is A. Son To one the. Anthony. Luhan. who was a CO host of the pitmasters podcast so looking forward. To doing a special show yet again, meet heads origin story which I've been looking forward to ever since I came up with this concept, don't forget you can follow me socially at the following platforms, instagram, twitter, Tiktok, and snapchat. All of those can be found at bbq central show. You can get me on facebook and twitch slash bbq central show also back on. Youtube live this week. I. Got that figured out slash rd Randy is the place to find me on Youtube, and Oh, by the way, there is a super chat available. So please go ahead and super chat me two, hundred, three, hundred, five, hundred dollars take all the money. No problem there. So if you're wondering what those little things at the something to do with stickers something to do with Super Chad, I have no idea exactly what that entails but. I'm wondering if you super chat me that basically means you have to pay some kind of money and then your particular post will stay up for a corresponding period of time I think five hundred dollars gets you hours or something ridiculous. So I'm just wondering if it actually shows up on the social media feed that I have where I'm watching your interaction with each other here through youtube and facebook twitter as well. So we'll see how that works up. First. Off Ton of great feedback the first set of origin stories. I did last week with Malcolm and Sam. The common theme was that while you already knew some stuff about each of these guys, there was plenty that you didn't know about them. And getting to know. A little bit more intimate details for these guys gives you a deeper appreciation for them. Get you more connected to them bigger fans of them say for me by the way. So. Glad. You're liking that I sat and as I mentioned a few minutes ago forward to getting down with meathead in about five minutes from now also. I. Got a lot of this reaction is well that I wasn't anticipating and I'm paraphrasing this doesn't have anything to do with the origin stories per se. It said something along the lines of Greg you're doing a lot of origin stories on regular guests. This might be the perfect time to give us the origin stories on why you hate Jack Nicholas and can't disarm. And as the Fifteenth and the twentieth will that was roughly referencing the same type of idea. I thought to myself. Is there an origin story? For by hatred of the Golden Bear. And, one of the most successful horse jockeys ever I mean I'm not talking Mike Smith successful but. Successful, enough for me to know who he is in a lineup. And I thought. How long could that story really be? It would go along this kind of time line. Jack Nicklaus is born. At some point in his life becomes a raging asshole. And then I met him and he continues to be a raging asshole the aunt. That's his origin story right there. Jack Nick. Now, cantor's might be a little different. Very. Similar but perhaps a little different in this way. Can't disarm Oh is borne. Probably illegitimately. Can't disarm Oh at some point after being born also becomes a raging asshole however. Also becomes a belligerent drunk. Then I meet him. Piece still is a incredible asshole. And I would have to believe a belligerent drunk. And.

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