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And someone said it was a mistake to make it however this seems to be unpopular opinion that is kind of holds to ken jack said you know don't don't ruin what you already like so don't not that i like the first money means but this one sell it or not the first one by any means but it sell it so that's kind of the ranging loans let me go back to that where broken lizard goes because the budget was thirteen point five million i don't know includes marketing or whatever box office is seventeen point two and one of the news articles is that it's shattering expectations so i think it's doing pretty well so we'll see what happens i mean beer fest two i would go see beer fest two guy like beer fest burn super troopers have more of emotional connection to that especially if they brought back what's his face before you we yeah i was going to be who's e s and l guy who's the so that's super troopers two we come back marvel all eighteen movies will rank him you guys ranked them to listeners rank the movies mr mr cameron hey mr cameron us ken jack from lights camera podcast so some people are outraged that you compared avatar to godfather what do you have to say to them well to be honest i always saw this movie to be more like pulp fiction and a lot of ways how do you figure that well and the story room the first thing i did was have all the writers watched force gump a few times because it really influenced my vision of avatar quite a bit and then i said okay folks this movie needs to be one part rocky and two parts lord of the rings with the side of the green mile mr cameron i gotta be honest i don't see that influence at all.

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