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Like when he had a seizure he had like eighty times strength of of normal manner. Something ridiculous the dude is first of all. The dude is so like into himself. It's hilarious to watch and it's also again. It makes perfect sense. It's right in line with the You know like being a sociopath all that kind of stuff but yeah. He was like he's like the doctor. The doctor said that when i had seizures i had eighty times my own 'human strength and he just looked at each other. We're like what that doesn't even notice any sense. Doodoo an epileptic seizure. Yeah i had eighty times. He's a superhero. He's a marvel superhero. Get seizures okay. So friends in high school would often witness gays father abusing gase. He would rarely provoke his father. I mean they even. The sister said that like when his when their dad went downstairs to drink he came up a totally different person so according to family and friends that witnessed the abuse. They said that. Casey rarely fought back against his father and usually the mother was the one that would step in. Which would lead to even more name calling gase calling him a momma's boy in a wimp and all that stuff so like we said gay see had a pretty rough childhood and it's it's lining up for the things that are gonna come later in this episode that we're gonna talk about the product of an abusive home sexual assaults and living in the shadow of his alcoholic father so post childhood in the nineteen sixties at age. Eighteen gase started getting involved with the local politics working as an assistant for the democratic party. So this led to even more disgust from his father who just called him a patsy and you know i would imagine that. His father was not a democrat. And that's why he. He was getting these kind of responses from them but even at eighteen gazes father still was imposing his will on the boy he bought his son a car towns nice but he also used that car to punish him he would take the keys away and even went as far to take parts off the car so it wouldn't start okay. That's an extra step. That's an extra i will. I mean right. Yeah i just thought of the shining in watching like jack torrance or jack torrance all the spark plugs. Yeah i just what it reminded me. Of course horror movie right. What do you expect that from ryan by now so he would take these parts off the car in the last time that he did it. He put the car back together for gays engage decided to use that as his escape so he left chicago and ventured out to las vegas. He initially worked as an ambulance at an ambulance service before being transferred to a mortuary working for them for three months while also living in the mortuary now this next part i i. I'm going to say it because it was set at one point by him and then declined later but that is like right in line with everything that he says. He eventually declines later. Yeah so he. He confessed that while being alone at the mortuary one night he climbed into the coffin of a deceased teenager cuddling and rubbing the dead body before going into a state of shock. Now he says that that's a wild store. There's no way did anything like that..

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