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And that we've just heard. He's very very engaging. He's you know, there's no one else in tennis like him. And I think you know, tennis will be a poor place without him and his and his press conferences, it's been good having him back for a few years. And the other thing is I think you know, the Davis Cup is such an emotional event. Isn't as the what we talk about most for the Davis Cup players emotions fans, emotions the passion. And I think now is words today would know when different really he was clearly emotional, and he's had this very unique relationship with Davis Cup as an east, but it's been everything he's been a fan of Playa a winner. Loser. Captain, he's given a lot competitions given him a law, and he he fails vice strongly about its future. What do you think about his views, generally, Catherine because? He just isn't accepting that this event is it will be next year that it even is the Davis Cup. He just will not they won't give it a chance because I'm in his teammates were sitting alongside him as well. It was there absolutely categoric that this is the wrong thing to be doing. What what what is your view of what he said, what is your view generally of the changes that might? I mean, I found that sort of what was it five six minute long soliloquy. I mean, it was it was a love letter to what he sees as a dying Davis Cup dollar-buying lover. I mean, it was it was extraordinarily. I mean, obviously that we told them there's something about the the tone in the cadence of his voice, isn't that? He can be saying something sort of in credit e e can be loping. This verbal grenade is so brilliantly. Put an yet, you also sort of feel that you're paying song lullaby. He is extraordinarily like that. And it's become a cliche with regard to discourse about the Davis Cup that kind of regardless of some of the irrationalism potentially irrational things these guys say about it. And I d think we get saying, I hope it files is is pretty if understandable, irrational Radi. That's like, you know. When when when applied leaves if someone else you like what I hoped I'm miserable together. You know, is that it's that kind of. Both full down a well in stay that forever. So, but you can't help celebrate the strength of feeling celebrate the emotion in what he's saying. And that emotion is what people on of of losing in the Davis Cup, isn't it? So regardless of whether you think he's ROY to wrong, and I happen to remember smoking about it with Charlie AKU share over the summer. I think one of the people in the world that feels feel not I didn't feel indifferent about it. I just feel quite neutral about the changes some aspects of the whole situation. Make me really nervous. And I am skeptical as to whether the work is not necessarily the the the sort of reformed Davis Cup that I would have fashioned. However, I do believe the Davis Cup needed reform. I really really do impressed with the speed with which they've managed to make things happen. I thought it would take years for the wheel. Of change to turn. And you know, credit to them of recognizing problem in getting something done again elements of it. I'm essentially elements of the reasons why it's happened say quickly make me nervous. But it needed changing. I'm willing to keep an open mind until I see the results of it. And I think it's a little bit of a shame that they're not saying I wish it well. I hope desperately that it does capture some of what we all love so much and if given to the Davis Cup rather than yeah. Just saying it all ends here in until the grenade. But I get it. I get you know, what are your views? Largely agree. I think you know, I think we've got to give it a chump seventy. It will be different. Two ways about it..

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