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It's not it's not enough regrets will eventually like air all programs eventually will terminate yes including the program called planet earth but the point is not to say that the point of predictability when you're talking about certain completeness in information science problem it's it's not a it's not one about whether or not you and you know what it's about croup abilities determinism an turning complete makes it virtually actually makes it actually impossible due to halt improper makes it actually impossible determined whether not in particular program can or will ever terminent right but we know for sure that they program running on e v m connected to the network will eventually hold in the row backer execute successfully correct yeah absolutely and that's why we put gas in it again which is to solve that would make sure that helps all thing isn't the only problem were encountering here right it's proven ability and you can't in the same information science problem the cause of the problem is also the same thing that prevents prove ability and it's not just oh it's because you genuinely cannot determine whether or not you cannot reduce you cannot you cannot do analysis on all across all inputs determined that they that all puts a reach eight 'em in particular desired set of constricted results that's that's a formal verification ashley is an end when you when you have turned complete language for verification is no longer possible and so you can actually do the kind of testing that we were talking about making secure system to wrap this up basically syria itself is going to change their smart contracts to parenting wage anyways.

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