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By fats. Tuesday morning at 7 38. It's traffic and weather on the 8s, checking the roads, Jack Taylor and the traffic center. Our delay in Virginia still 66 trying to get out of Gainesville going eastbound your delay after the Prince William Parkway heads towards centerville before 29 centerville X at 52, the crash off the roadway right side unclear if that far right, lane remains closed. Beyond it, we're just a bit heavy passing 28, then near 50, how toward one 23. We've got delays on 95 northbound. We've been heavy. Fredericksburg toward a quiet, slow. In woodbridge, then again into lorton. There is a delay in the Springfield interchange. The wreck that was on three 95 that was after duke before seminary gone, the heavy traffic remains up toward the 14th. Tractor trailer was involved in a crash before the 14th street bridge that is over on the right shoulder You're gonna find the inner loop heavy and slow out of the Springfield interchange, headed into and through annandale, then again, near the toll road, little slower, south on the George Washington Parkway, passing one 23 going south and again, a little crowded as you head down toward the key bridge. Look for delays on the beltway in Maryland. Topside outer loop from 95 past Georgia avenue, a wreck after, exit 31 off the roadway right shoulder, inner loop delays now after branch avenue toward the Wilson bridge. I think your crash in the delay and you're saying Barnabas wrote also off the roadway right side. May have a brush fire. It's on 95 in Laurel northbound after two 16. It's reported up near the Gorman road overpass. You may find cruise coming south as well. On branch avenue, northbound as you head toward the beltway. Last heard that crash blocking the better part of the left side of the roadway. Delays in the district died two 95 going north, leaving oxen cove to laboratory road then, slowing up near suitland Parkway to go in on the 11th street bridge across the freeway, pretty much slow its length toward the outbound case. D.C. two 95 also won the breaks from eastern avenue toward east capital street. Attention contractors and technicians, northeastern supply is opening in beltsville around the corner from MLK middle school, visit northeastern dot com for your plumbing, water systems, HVAC, and PVF needs. Jack Taylor WTO P traffic. All right, let's get updated on the forecast here with Chad Merrill. Beautiful day shaping up across the region temperatures in the mid 70s today, so tack on a few degrees from yesterday and that's where we're going to be later today. Mid 50s overnight

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