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Mission insured by NCUA seven eighteen traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks around the region light traffic on the beltway through Montgomery and prince George's counties no incidents or delays to report a traffic continues to run well up and down both ninety five in the Baltimore Washington parkway between the beltway is that not a lot happening on two seventy now just to the east of Hagerstown eastbound on seventy at Maryland sixty five they are doing some emergency road work blocking the right lane that does cause a slight delay their fifty heading out to Annapolis in the bay bridge that is also running without the light and though we do see sun in some areas or some light rain and others and I know we're supposed to get some more rain later on tonight we'll see how that affects any road work that is scheduled for tonight in Maryland and Virginia in Maryland he spent two hundred does remain closed from ninety five over toward route one for overhead gantry replacement for the tolls and westbound lanes remain open and in Virginia ninety five south before exit one thirty six and a quarter parkway garden will repair the right shoulder but the crash that caused the damage is gone and there were no delays there on sixty six no incidents or delays reported the way struggling with setting up telephone for your employees there are incentives and technical assistance available for Fairfax county employers visit Fairfax county dot com searching for your services now here's your storms in for forty four cast with Brianna Berman solo well hi there and good evening we're looking at storms from earlier today tracking those those of push to the south east so we're in this quite a kind of quiet period right now as the first round of storms already passed through the weather alert that's we've put out today is still in effect overnight through early tomorrow morning because more of potentials potentially isolated severe activity will pick up tonight so scattered showers and thunderstorms developing over I hope Ohio and West Virginia then they'll push into Virginia and Maryland later overnight we could see potentially damaging hail small hail and gusty winds with these storms overnight through.

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