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Foe box and may on monday shy that's the good news authentic full strength all american excellence in broadcasting with bob man him self returns on monday on friday i've done a grueling day i've got to because i'm day in this show on the radio or the for three hours and then i'm doing my little new television show which i then realize i thought you know we could get a guest out extended a that was my new little television schein if you got to mock stein show don't calm stein show dot com you can find out all about my new tv ventura but you'll be able to see that moe live in col out all not on friday so it's rates from a lot brutally exposing they did is every if you always wanted to see my alderson close up then get their old in the he'll be able to dead friday with the the radio show and and they i can be radio and tv simultaneously not so i'm not up to that but if you like tonight or more you can get a marc stein show don't carmona eight hundred two right to two and they true is the number to call and as a said i i do love to hear high it's my new year's right resolution i want to take mall coles from those of you who tilt a left what if you'd like to do that kilty headed thing that the social justice warrior stew when that protesting about how the said because hillary didn't win gonna do the tell to headed thing i'll tell you know told he headed calls cause tilt he headed misses great on the radio here if you if you're at a hillary don't up and you wanna explain what a great bang for the buck you got from chipping in for the fireworks that have victory the if you hey ben the support that and you want to talk about how things with a gun differently about in the bunny had won the nomination if you i transitioning some i'm flight and you want to to take ten minutes off in mid transition and jimmy colts to lay out the way of the well there's on how the dead white men a headed for the garbage can a history and you are.

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