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Oneself the song hey everyone, welcome to Urban sort of what's wrong with wrestling. I am Andrew Pisano along with my brother Joe pezzano. So and that's it. It is a two-man show this week. Eric is quarantining years might have a someone at work, maybe way to me details, but so he's just playing it's a no spoilers. Thank you. No spoilers. We won't know you thank Eric for keeping us safe. Yes, if anybody knows this but none of us have ever been in the same room as you can see, I can't touch Andrew right now. Yeah, it was right through him. Yep. We are doing this from our own green screens in our own house. But the master editor gets it makes look like it makes it look like I just punched him. Yep, right and I feel like I feel like I felt it too. It's so it's so good. Right like I'm actually pissed off. Right. Yeah, it's cuz he's a good actor. Right? Right. Yeah. Yeah, right emotion that living in the smackdown was interesting this week because there was like to suck really good matches, right and I was like, oh, this is good wrestling. Yeah in mind that they were forty-minute matches or whatever they were. Yeah, cuz it was good. There was story behind them. Yeah, I liked it. Okay. All right, bad. Yeah, there's no like story behind the show know they'll same shit story same shit story and the ending was awful. Just just fucking awful where again you have a face picking on some random. No name. No. No, no one will say like if it's Stone Cold stunning you it's like well, it's still cold. It's Stone Cold. He literally stuns every party was your kid near him. Jeff Hardy wage were a bully that's why is he picking on the waiter Seamus hires a waiter to be in the ring and he's going to like pick on him just doesn't make any sense so far. He's never been he'll except for like, I guess when they log View they were kind of Heelys, but not really you mean with Michael. Yeah. Well Michael Hayes, you know, it's funny Eric and I did the Wednesday night War podcast last week. We were talking about that all of a sudden just a lot of Michael Hayes shed when he was with The Hardy Boys and how stupid that was house where he was wearing the skin tight shirts. Yeah like New York. Yeah. It was really bad. I've never even at my age. I never ever witnessed his what was his group called Freebirds Freebirds. Yeah, never never saw them wrestle never. I mean, guess they were kind of a big deal but never really saw any of it and they were never in the Debbie right that I don't know but don't know how he has such a strong connection that he's still there. We had all these years, but I guess they just hired him as a producer might have been for a little bit maybe a little bit. I mean, it's before my time. So definitely you might even be a little bit before my time as well. Yep. For sure because it was what the seven I was when you were born, you know with the Von Erichs and all that which could have been Mid-South wrestling. Yeah. Yeah, they were in the eighties and a little bit in the nineties. So yeah, they were way before off cuz yeah buddy Roberts Terry Gordy WCW only. Okay. Yep. Yeah. All right. Well, we're going to recap Raw and SmackDown but first we have to thank three new page friends. So thank you to win Ryan goo true and John Ford Fortes their forts. I don't I think pronounced all of these names wrong for taking a sport Fortes is not enough Forte Forte like the running back. Yeah. So yeah go to patreon, what's wrong with wrestling to sign up, you know, like those people Thursday. We got a lot of people on there now, we got all the paper free Recaps and Wednesday that war Recaps the brackets the classic episode. That's all on there. No talking out. Yeah. I'll be recapping Extreme Rules next song. Big and you know that's going to suck holyshit. You're going to want check that out. Trust me looks so bad. Yeah some of these matches. You're like, wait why? You know what? I'm looking forward to the most often when covid-19 is done. And we you know, everyone can go outside again is like just them going back to Saudi Arabia and having another Saudi show cuz that's when undertaken will come out of retirement, right? You know who probably fight Goldberg Iron Man match could be great. We'll see the end of you owe versus DX finally now that they're all nearly dead father get that magic Saudi money like you had a chance to do it and you didn't hear the two greatest factions of all time. You don't do it, but they'll do it now. Yeah because we wanted we don't care how long we have to wait. Oh, yeah. I feel like the Saudis have so much money. They just want to show you that they can do it. Right? We're just going to do it just to show you that we can yeah that we could do anything. Yeah, cuz we have so much off. At least they can't get stone cold. At least don't cold, you know says no everytime know my my legacy is worth more than my fucking worth more than money, but I'm not going to ruin my legacy mode is it I mean, it's a lot of money. I'm sorry. I mean he's doing fine. So I guess money is Sean's Legacy wrong cuz he came back for one get started mats that no one. Yes. No, it's not. Yes. No. Yes. She consider it a match. I just consider it an appearance where you fell around the ring a little bit. It's kind of ruined. They have long hair know wasn't him. Sorry. I would saying that you should be getting it was Eric Young pretending to be Sean. Michael just kept his eyes crossed the whole time and gave him some old man makeup. Yeah, but again, like when you're a millionaire like how much how more money do you need? You know what I mean? Like obviously billionaires love they can't stop making money. But like yeah, if you just like made two million dollars in your career three million, like how much are we talking about stone cold or Shawn Stone Cold change made off? More than that, I don't know. This was early nineties. You made a lot of now the guys were getting two three million a year. So but he was knocked guy. I bet he made five million a year. I don't with the merge that he sold. Let's Okay. I'm going to pull up his net worth because yeah, he's a simple I'm just going to live on a farm and it was showing Stone Cold Sober Sean Network. Yeah, but yeah, but he's still not working. I don't know his net worth is thirty million dollars. So when you're worth Thirty million dollars, right? You don't need Saudi money. Yeah. I'm just saying like when the wife is like, you know, we could use a plane, you know in thirty million. I don't know. I don't know if you own a plane but right forty million you own a plane. Yeah and have a personal pilot. So I'm just saying I think that's where this I think that's where they get the personal Pilots are that's you know, when you can press and die like yeah, you know all these rich people. Wow, they're saying Stone Cold's worth more than a Hogan. Yep. Can't be Vegas start ever stone cold. I told you I was bigger started Hogan and Hogan has got that darker brown. Yeah and got like what twenty million from Gawker so he knows were outside dogs or money. Well begin, you have to think inflation to obviously money goes up and that was like what two decades know I guess like ten fifteen years after Hulkamania started. Yeah, but like he had his own show and his own clothing lines. And I mean God. Yeah, I do have made a lot of money by Mister tiene. Give me a lot. Although they didn't make anything know. What about a lost money for what about the w w. A ton of made twenty million just from that. She can't be right maybe spent it must have divorced account best route have probably does. He's given half a few times. He had to get his son out of the gas chamber. So we had to give a lot of money for that. Yeah, that's true now. All right, and then we also have two people that bought t-shirts. So thank you to Jack pasqualoni and Brian's a poor. Of course. They bought this one. Who are you dead? Scalini pass the old it right? Yeah. Come on, your Italian get that one. Oh sure and Brian zapper. Yeah. Yeah real quick though. I watched Batman for like back in nineteen. Eighty-nine. The Michael Keaton one. It's been a while. It seems like the first time I've watched it. Now we brought you.

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