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The current virus is not any attacking off physical health but also a mental health that is the message that you have secretary general Antonio Guterres delivered to the world I Ching governments civil societies and help authorities to urgently address mental health needs arising from the current virus pandemic the U. N. chief said in a video message launching a policy briefing that some groups are more vulnerable than others those most at risk our frontline health workers older people adolescents and young people those with pre existing mental health conditions and those caught up in conflict and crisis Guterres also pointed to grief job loss loneliness stress from difficult family dynamics and uncertainty and fear for the future of some of the effects the outbreak is having on families and communities and as governments to address the issue before they get worse mental service he's out in the central part of all governments responses to profit 19 they must be expanded and fully fund I'm Karen Thomas singer Melissa Etheridge is mourning the death of her 21 year old son Beckett cipher marches are a letter with the latest Melissa Etheridge says her heart is broken but she promises she will sing again because it is always healed her at the ridge says in a statement her son Beckett cipher died of an opioid addiction but she did not give details at the rate so she struggled to save him but he is out of pain now cypher was Etheridge's younger child with her former partner Julie cypher they also have an older daughter Bailey and Etheridge has 13 year old twins the older children were conceived through artificial insemination with David Crosby

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