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Hillary Clinton, Austin, Roy Oliver discussed on South Florida Morning Show


News time is seven, thirty I'm Mark Caesar this update is brought to you by central Texas wellness President, Trump is calling for an investigation following a report that all, of Hillary Clinton's emails were secretly forwarded to China the daily caller citing US intelligence sources. Reported that China hacked Clinton's private server then secretly read all of her Email for years the. President this morning tweeted his request for the DOJ and, FBI to open a. New, investigation Austin, mayor Steve Adler joins, social Justice, groups to demand criminal Justice. Reform whether it was taking a shot at Texas law focused on clamping down on illegal immigration we're mitigating, the eagles have Senate Bill four or touting an overhaul? Of the still under negotiation police contract? Libbers, rise not only well. And barely officers but a. Compassionate mayor Steve Alford says Austin's recently passed freedom city ordinances going along way and help With criminal Justice reform because they limit how police officers. Can make discretionary arrests or things like petty theft. Criminal trespassing and driving, with an invalid license Patrick Osborne NewsRadio KLBJ city council wants to move away from, incentives for bigger companies with high paying jobs the new incentive, plan focuses on small companies paying at least fifteen dollars an hour local companies would be. The primary focus a vote on that plane is scheduled for tomorrow a Dallas police officer is, convicted of murder sentencing phase of the trial continues in, Dallas today as the. Jury. Decides the, punishment for ex cop, ROY Oliver, prosecutor Sean key drew Martin The man the eagles When Oliver fired into a car full of teenagers in two thousand seventeen is they left a house party killing fifteen, year old. Jordan, Edwards his stepmother Charlemagne thanked the jury, emigrate Mitch, out scene See the wrong Oliver faces from five, to ninety. Nine, years in prison Carmen Roberts Fox News Thirty three here's Austin's. On time traffic.

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