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Robert knepper hello and welcome my name is john august my name is craig meson and this episode three hundred thirty died of scrip notes a podcast about screenwriting and things that are interesting to screenwriter's today on the program it's one of our favorite features how would this be a movie where we take complicated reallife situations and boil them down to two hours of filmed bigscreen entertainment only way we know how to process life exactly can i just stop for segments say episode three hundred and thirty nine were error we almost have a year of podcasts very true you could listen to a podcast today of which would be a way to spend your life out of the disaster so the best way to spend a life but an hour with john and craig every day and actually buchanan all the bonus episodes about were super super close yara full year roxie requests i'm just quickly doing the math my head this means we've been doing the podcast for roughly seven years in or fifty two years yes it's one of those right one of those to a math is hard for us yeah it's one of those two choices it's been a long time but it's been a good fun time a few weeks ago we aired an old episode because we are travelling and he'll so the hot the sound quality wasn't so good you know what you're right this wasn't so good expectations have increased yeah well you know technology and all the rest of it we've gotten better at those little bits and bob's but even so i'm gonna say you know what it is i'll tell you john unite worthy marrying type.

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