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Afternoons on ESPN LA and Cam ski, Ryan Hollins and joined by haven't seen this dude here in a while. Ben Lyons the well. Ben Lyon never left. Never lost what's up fellas. I'm just a big, big three guys. So to see O'Shea and Ryan, I'm all starstruck today. My name and starstruck after the way you talk to me at NBA TV. Are you kidding me live? Hey, hey, yes. Ryan do not sell yourself short yesterday when we were interviewing the great Arsenio hall are senio to make sure you hear this been listen to this are senio took time out to say to Ryan Hollins man up in watching the last couple months seen you blow up seeing on the TV. Congratulations. Man. Well, yeah, because he has a wifi connection. And with that comes Ryan Hollins because Ryan Hollins has this avengers like quality where he can show up on FOX ESPN NBA TV all at the same time. Like he's he's on. He's on the jump right now and we're doing the show credible. He's like the movie jumper over here. Cayden Christians seriously like Arsenio hall Sanit. I'm like, y'all like for real. That's that's pretty cool now. That's that's. That's a good Arsenio. By the way. I wish I had been been here in LA yesterday to listen to you guys do that. View. It's available on the podcast, I guess. It's wild. This interview was while his friendship with Magic Johnson obviously goes back many, many years, and he was always a staple at those midsummer classics. Whenever I would love to. LeBron you didn't know that everyone was in the meeting with a. Everyone the about. As he told us yesterday, one of his friends lives next to one of LeBron's houses when we're not quite sure which one, but he saw he saw the moving trucks and that's and that's when everybody in our senio circle at least knew that LeBron was coming. If you're if you live in Los Angeles and you wanna see LeBron where do you go rent? Would you're just a fan of the Lakers us wanna see LeBron like, where do you? That's a good question. Where do you hang out? Where do you? Where do you loiter would blaze pizza rise nation. Arise nation. You can get up bright and early and climb this the rise nation, machine. Chances are you're going to see a four time. What is that? I don't know what that is. It's one of those like insane workouts where you're on the kind of the okay. Is this a Finnish, like versa climber? Yes. He's all Instagram on rise nation. All the time. Get the class pass. Go see LeBron climb some steps and yeah, you know, he, he Saddam hotel you. He made himself very accessible in Miami different time in his life, but he would do the big bike rides with ten thousand fans, or he would show up and other sporting events for your. You'll see Mariam's games. You sound my Rams games two years ago. So this quite common. I mean, Ben, I know you are pound for pound with the stars and movies and all that. You'll live a different life than regular people bin Laden giving you guys the keys. I'm giving you guys the access. You want to see LeBron just wake up and work out or canyon. You'll see LeBron you might be the most interesting man in the world like like under what's? How old are you been? How'd you think. I'm interested. I know I was really go idea how old you are. Any idea around thirty. I know you around thirty and I hope you're not under thirty. 'cause you're very accomplished. If you are under thirty, you know your to accomplish to be under five years younger than Vince Carter's Forbes under thirty seven thirty six year old man. You're learning. Okay, you look great for thirty six shape that man. I would say, well, see plainly league for like ten years. Ten years. Four years of college been out of the league for like eight years. This is the big three reference. Forty four thirty three press. Okay, same age. By the way, as LeBron James Bron James thirty three. He is entering his sixteenth season, and we now know when we will see him in a Laker uniform against who the yamba has put out snippets of.

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