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But right now back to Lincoln Financial Field, Ryan Rocky and run Dworsky Right, Scott. Thanks very much 11 37 to go. Washington 17 Philadelphia 14. Washington will take over at their own 45 yard line. After the Jeremy Reeves interception. Smith of the shotgun takes the snap and hands off the gifts and running right outside the hash marks across the 50 takes it up the sideline 45. He scampers out of bounds on the far side with a first down out of bounds of the 40 Fords and 11 yard run by Antonio Gibson. Washington has a chance to win the NFC East. They lead 17 14. If you ever had it in you, it's time to muster up. Whatever you have. They could put the game away with a drive here and advance to the playoffs. Just attempt carrying the game for Antonio Gibson. They're leading rusher throughout the season's first out and said Now football, the Eagles 44 yard line, Thomas the tight end in motion from left to right, here's the snap handoff. Straight ahead. Gibson again dives down to the 41 yard line. That'll be a run of three little bringing up second down and seven Get Antonio Gibson is really gutting it out here at the end of the year. He's been bothered by a turf toe really has not been able to practice very much, even though Ron Rivera said early in the week, you know he'll be able to go. It's not easy jobs for a rookie did not practice all week longer than hop in there in a big game on Sunday night, high ankle sprains linger for a long time. He's obviously not 100%. Norris, Terry McLorin, but they have got it up there trying to get everything they can to dance. The playoffs. Receivers left and right tight ends on either end of the line. Second out of seven shotgun snap the Smith he's back to pass. He looks, he throws down the field. It's intercepted inside the 30 back to the 35 yard line here side of the 40 and out to the 41 TJ Edwards, the light backer jumps in front of the Alex Smith passed. Hand picks it off second interception tonight for Philadelphia and the Eagles. Take it right back. Justin, Ill advised. Throw by Alan Smith. There was great coverage in the secondary by the Eagles defense. He looked to his right eyeball the receiver coming across the field right to left. And threw it right to TJ Edwards. Terrific play by Edward. But right now, back in the game, the Philadelphia Eagles while the Reds contained a chance to put it away and advance to the playoffs, they did not. So each team has thrown a couple of picks on the Eagles will take over at their own 41 10 15 to go. They trail 17 14 sub filled remains. It is the quarterback. Receivers left single man of the right. Hertz goes in motion from right to left. Sudden build has the snap What's coming throws over the middle caught by her to the 45 yard line that he has tackled right there. Cameron Girl, the safety makes the stop falls forward out to the 46 yard line. A gain of five It'll be second down and five nice job. My son felt he felt the pressure quickly knew he had Zachary took about five guys right over the football. Get him on the numbers, Second five, sacks said, filled out of Indiana. Rather, Nate said, felt his brother's sack Whiteside and Felt was 1/6 round pick of Washington a couple of years ago. Here's a low snap off the knee of sudden belt. The ball is loose. Chase Young picks it up with a 35 back across the 30 down in the forest sideline out of bounds of the 25, a low snap that hits sudden built right in his kneecap and chase Young recovers the phone. Washington has the ball back right now. Just a comedy of Ares. No one seems to want to win the football game. Jason Kelsey Low staff, Nate such we can't get to it. Sweat knocked it out of his hands. Young picks it up. Boston makes a tackle. First down Washington at the Eagles 25 yard line, 25 yard line Chase Young with his third fumble recovery of the season and now Washington. That's great field position. I mean, you said apparently Comedy of errors. Oh, good. Thanks to the gift. You know, Christmas is last week. Does anybody want to win this game? Two receivers left two receivers right. Smith will go under center. Gibson is the single setback. Thomas comes in motion from wide to the right. Here's the snap handoff gives it breaks outside the right half the lights all over the place as he dives down to the 23 yard line for a gain of two Most flights were throwing simultaneously behind a lot of scrimmage. Holding offense number 76 10 yard penalty. Repeat. First down, I'll go against Morgan closes the right tackle. Oh, Brandon Graham always was a great job of crashing great anticipation. He crashed Branden Moses. No shot to block him. Shoot me, Morgan Moses. We'll get back to the 35 yard line. It'll be first out of 20 slot left single man right, Smith lines up in the shotgun. Here's the snap. Gonna give it to Gibson running straight ahead. Now what's left is across the 35 drives his legs down to the 30 yard line. Hard running there by Gibson picks up six yards. It'll be second out of 14 telling up clock moving 9/4 revealing Washington 17 Philadelphia 14 Washington Trying to find their way into the postseason ride, You said exactly right. Tough running by Antonio Gibson got positive gain on the play with the lateral agility just isn't there with the high ankle sprain. Second out of water Lion, the Gators the 15 yard lines of this second and it almost 15 Smith back in the shotgun trips, right, Single man left. Here's the snap. Smith back to grow fires right side knocked down in complete. Trying to get that ball out of there in a hurry, but it was battered down. The line of scrimmage on now would be third down in about 15 coming up. The Eagles blew the coverage in the sector because they pledged, Stephen Simpson's wide open in the flat ball was patted down. I'm not sure I was going to him or Logan Thomas, but there was a receiver wide open in the flat, and it was Grayling Arnold on the Bloods who got his hands up there to swat it away. So third down in 15, now for Washington. They'll send three receivers out to the right two receivers to the left. McKissick is the white man outside the numbers. Smith motions him in towards the lot of scrimmage. Here's the snap. Quick throw to the kissing. Once along. The numbers across the 25 yard line, takes a hit and he will go down in the 24 yard line. I'll be a game of about six yards on now. The field goal team will come out of Washington will try to extend this to a six point edge. Yeah, I was pretty clear right there. The play call was simple. Just tried to gain a few yards. Get this field goal attempt a little bit closer to those uprights. Jackson ran down and put the hit on two McKissick. Now this will be about a 42 yard incense for Dustin Hopkins. It'll come from the left hash. This undermanned Eagles defense is playing their butts off here to see they really are. Here's the snap bowlers down Hopkins Chick is on the way and it is good. So Dustin Hopkins knocks it through from 42 yards out and Washington has taken a 22 14 lead. With that field goal..

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