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It in the aisles of the plane. If they could win this football game they need inches inches to win the game. Jimmy garoppolo sneak it here jimmy. He's gonna pat. Max but then come forward and pick up a first down. The forty niners will win the game and they will not juwono. He's a dummy count by garoppolo trying to get the long canes and then it was just a pat on alex mack to go. No cadence pat that sweaty but and then get out of here baby. Oh yes the old patent go on. Knb are again. The forty niners out the clock after that and notched the seventeen to eleven win over the philadelphia eagles to move to to now on the season i mentioned the early offensive struggles after the game. Jimmy garoppolo was asked what it was like on the sideline after that rough first quarter was calmer than i expected. You know guys freaking out tough defense. We knew that going into the game was going to be a grinder type of game away game coming off the west virginia. There's a lot of things going against us but guy stayed the course. And that's what you wanna see with guys. Just fred said resilient group and i only played together like that. we're playing good garoppolo finished twenty. Two of thirty for one hundred eighty nine yards and a touchdown. He also used his legs a lot. In this game he finished with a career. High eleven rushing attempts for twenty yards and a touchdown on a qb sneak. One of four qb. Sneaky had in this game in every single one of them worked. I mentioned the block field goal earlier that was from giovane kin law and afterwards. He put things pretty simply. I think the game plan never changed throughout whole game. We kept simple you know. I think they folded before we did. And i didn't think we was fold that all. I am so happy that giovane kinloch press conferences are thing again. That dude is a treasure. By the way before i get off the defense. Just wanna give a shout out. Nick bosa monster again to more sacks and a forced fumble. He was getting held all day. It still didn't matter now. Unfortunately we can't talk. Forty niners without mentioning injuries and this game was no exception. A lot of running backs were hurt and philadelphia and it was all about in a span of five minutes. Elisha mitchell had a shoulder injury. He returned to the game later. But we'll see afterwards. Kyle shanahan said he hopes it's just the stinger. His backup is ju- michael hasty. Who left the game with an ankle injury. His backup is traced sermon. Who came in. When hasty went down he got one kerry and took a helmet to helmet hit. That knocked him out and the ball sermon. Ads leaves the game with a concussion. That left port trenton cannon. Taking snaps at running back for this team and he wasn't even on the roster six days ago it was a brutal stretch once again. Cluster injuries striking the forty niners beyond the running backs. Kevin givens also has an ankle injury. And deebo samuel and colleagues check both had cramps. We always give you one thing to read one thing to watch and one thing. You might have missed one thing to read on this monday. Met barrels has an excellent recap of the game in the athletic including in particular. Shout out that. George kitto game after the game and he was one hundred percent correct in doing so one thing to watch. It has to be the plans at running back. Obviously we'll have to wait and see what happens with elisha mitchell and some of the other injuries. But they're going to have to add somebody here. Maybe it's carry on johnson from the practice squad. Maybe it's somebody else. In addition to him but suddenly jeff wilson's return. The middle of the year is looking mighty important. One thing you may have missed. Deebo samuel came up just short of setting a franchise record for the most receiving yards in his first two games of the season. He had ninety three yards today on six catches that gives him two hundred eighty two through two weeks of the season. Now that's good but is not the record that belongs to you. Guessed it bernie. Casey who actually had two hundred eighty eight and nineteen sixty four for the record in case you're wondering jerry. Rice is second on that list with two hundred eighty five in nineteen eighty nine. That's a wrap on today's forty niners in five please rate review and follow the niners nation. Podcast now if you want a longer break down to this game you are in luck. The week to instant reaction podcasts. With myself leo. Luna and heavier vega is ready and waiting for you wherever you.

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