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Even if it might not be best for your team next season. It's better for him to go. Because if he stays you're gonna cost you some people it appears that that might have been what happened at Marquette that Marcus Howard's return. Led to insult form to some degree salmon Joey house or decided they don't wanna be at Marquette anymore. And so now. They arguably the two best transfers on the market. I agree with you. They could go anywhere. They wanna go. And for what it's worth, and perhaps it's nothing. But for junior school that somebody hit me with yesterday said keep an eye on on Virginia. They could they could both end up there. And obviously, you know. For Julia would be. I've got him number two in the top twenty five and one right now even after losing the Andre hunter and tied Jerome, and if they were to add the house brothers to whatever it is. They have two years from now you would assume their preseason top-five. Again, if only because Tony's always got a team that's going to be operating around that level. We would know that he's at least going to have to high level dues in his program. And obviously more than that trivia time. I okay, okay. Let's go. All right. So by coincidence on Sunday. I was checking in Noga Ling. I do this. Well, the users can go, but no no for GP. So I was checking in on Sunday. I was like, you know, what I wanna see how we landed with our top one hundred and one players so couple trivia times related to this very topic. First of all true or false. Sam Houser made our top one hundred and one players this past October. I'm gonna say false because I don't remember true. Sam Houser eighty fourth. Okay. Where do you think Marcus Howard was on that list? If you had to blindly, guess and think back where do you think we put Marcus Howard in October of twenty eighteen heading into the season on our top one hundred one players in college basketball list in the twenties. He was sixteen. I thought we did pretty well overall. So Howard was sixteenth. Same house or eighty fourth. Obviously Joe house or heading into college. Do not make the list. Now, you mentioned Virginia all three of their big three did make our list, which of the three. Of the three I want to put them in alphabetical order. So I don't tip my hat hair. So you've got. You've got H G guy. Do you know the bet? Authored jerome. Hey, g h j they're kinda they're kinda cluster together there. So guy into Rome. What order do you think they fell in on the list? I'm gonna say we had Cal guy highest. We did have Kyle highest what your guests to where he was. Twenties was twenty on the nose..

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