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Hi, I'm Sarah Gonzales. Welcome to the news and Wyatt matters Glenn. What was the top story. That nothing matters. Okay, awesome. That metoo got me too. I think the South Africa's story and whether or not it's actually happening is really important. Have some updates on that for you. Okay. Before we get into everything to think our TV and podcast Bonsor, Minnesota, and we've talked about them in the past. They came in and cooked for us at the studios. They made all of these offals. Yeah. They were really good. I wasn't invited to this good jelly was delicious. Bring frozen waffles home and feed them to my child. Pat had a bunch. We had waffles. He had somebody autumn awake. Fall and we couldn't think of a single person. I mean. Thank you. Think of anybody. I don't like everybody. So they have, of course, the wild rice. They have a wild rice soup for anyone who's not living in Texas, where it's still billion degrees, and you actually eat soup. Wife made soup the other day, and I looked at her like you doing. Doing so when it gets to be that time of year, they've got the wild rice soup. They got covered and you can go online and try their sampler and gift packs use the offer code, try ten for ten percent off of all of those sampler packs at blaze, wild rice dot com..

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