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Nineteen years in my in my exit briefings that poor Gordon in December of two thousand we were told we didn't qualify for VA medical care they said that only retirees and those with qualified service related disabilities at time of discharge were served by being medical care although I needed it I never even tried to get in the system managing my mental health took many years but I'm I never sought help while I was in the navy whether or not there is a widespread belief that the NSA would revoke the security clearance of any service members seeking mental health which inescapable he met lost jobs one wouldn't be discharged so we'll spend too much time learning our target languages and job skills to risk it after work I didn't have any difficulty finding work later I had a job lined up with the defense contractor almost entirely by virtue of my top secret clearance it helps to deal due to the higher team came from the same tiny community within the military even after they had been out for decades eight seven seven eight my take is our number this is the take away support for KQ EDA comes from mighty mite termite.

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