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All sports desk. Here's Brian D. The Green Bay Packers are three and, oh, they beat the Saints 37 to 30 on Sunday night Football in New Orleans. Next up a Monday night match up with the Falcons a week from tonight and in baseball for the first time in franchise history, the Milwaukee Brewers air headed to the postseason for the third consecutive year way We're watching TV, so that's been differently than the last two years. Yeah, we got in by watching TV. That's all we got in and 2008, I believe is watching TV. Sometimes you're watching the game and finished the next wave. But, um, you know, late teams from our league and one of the top eight You're his manager. Craig Counsell on brewers. 3 60 Journal Sandal. Brewer's Beat writer Tom Harder Court are live guest on the first Midwest Bank Hotlanta. The Brewers lose 35 in the regular season. Siri's in ST Louis. They finished below 500. They sustain all manner of injuries and are still postseason bond for a franchise record. Third straight year. Why not in 2020? Right when everything else is Kelly? One pus. Ever Davros Magic Act is going to the playoffs with a little pink. I love that sound You just played because how appropriate in 2020 of the 14 to get in by watching baseball on TV? That's the only way anybody could march. It was perfect. It was quite perfect, Tom looking ahead now. Obviously, the brew is going to take some time to celebrate what happened yesterday as they should. But what chance do you give them to take two of three from the Dodgers? Gene and I were talking this morning about the fact that the Dodgers probably got to be a little frustrated that they won 43 games, and now it comes down to a three game series. Well, they're probably I'm sure they're quite confident. But they're probably also nervous. Doesn't it make you nervous when you see two records so different like I mean, they're the team set up the veil, you know, and plus, you know, they've got this history of not making it to the Walters and when they get there, not winning it, so their fans already Like on Con five there. Um, yeah, I mean, it would be a lot. They have a lot better chance of Corbyn Burns, one that got hurt and saying Louis, you know, 40 that can't score and I think we can safely say this team can not score. It's patently unfair to take their best picture away, You know, And that's what happened. But if they would have had Corbin Bernsen, Game one and Woodruff in Game two You know you might steal a game wonder nothing or too long, you know, And so, so that hurt Andi, and they've got a scrambled to put their picking together now maybe they go. They're operating under the assumption The offenses do do particularly games and then and then their hottest hitter, My doppelganger, my younger double gang or Daniel Vogel back. He looks like he blew out a Lakers something waiting the proceedings yesterday. If if they don't have him, they don't have a whole lot offense. Yeah, We gotta check on that because they weren't sure how serious it was after the game. If it was madness afterwards, with all the playoff implications and stuff, said he didn't think it was that bad. But he's gonna have to get out and test it. It did not look good. The good thing about that is he won't lose any speed. You know, little people time. That, you know, I'm a good runner, because I'm already slows. I can't lose that seed. Um but but you're right. They don't have a lot going on right now and be hurtful to lose him. The mean they're definitely the limping into the playoffs. You know. Brett Anderson got hurt. He's out, so they have no bread. Anderson and no Korman Burns. Oh, there. Ah love David accordingly because we're not afraid to be unconventional with our pitching. Well, they don't have any toys. Exactly. We're gonna have to piece it together, at least in this three game serious for sure. Hey, Tom. I'm glad you brought up David Stern's because I thought he was really candid admitting yesterday even you know, after losing that some of the things he tried to do last offseason didn't work out in the Silly. We're able to look their way. And what did you make of that comment from David Stern saying, Hey, you know, I'm culpable. Sort of for why things didn't go correctly this year, too. I have to tell him. There's no room in the game for honesty like that. That's the kind of comment the gentle Majin usually makes. When he's standing in the unemployment line. You know, when they get rid of me, that was refreshing. I mean, you know, it's It's no secret that most of the people they added to the team, and they did not perform well. And as I wrote in the Journal Sentinel Sunday about a broken offense and easily fixed, they have to decide how much of it was covert related sit weird 68 season and not the usual preparation and how much of it we just need to move on. That's what they that's what they have to decide is I don't envy them this year evaluating this season because how do you know that wasn't just weirdness that made guys play bad? Or if they're just people you need to move on from? Yeah, is such a one off nothing like it in the history of the game, for sure, But no matter what happened and how it played up between the lines, the Brewers have at least two more baseball games to play starting Wednesday night in Los Angeles against the Dodgers games again. You're right here on W. T. M. J follow them as well with the Journal Sentinel's time. Hard record long time beat writer. You've never seen one like this before. Heavy, sir. On Wednesday. We have eight games. Wow. Eight games. There's one every hour like you don't believe. Ask way We wanted baseball. We're getting baseball. October madness. Love it, Tom. Take care. We'll talk again next week. 19 w T. M J postseason..

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