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Hey guys welcome to cheap seats. We all the sklar brothers, and excuse me for the cheap seats and We have a fantastic show today I feel like we got the exact person I wanted to talk to. Everything that's going on. Currently in the world sports specifically what we'll talk about at the top the show, just a little bit about our guests He's an amazing comedian. He's really blossomed into a fantastic writer. Is Now writing Dunkin go? Which is the new? Animated series odd socks I mean network box. He's working through the pandemic. He used to play a Collie played college. Football was a strong safety. And so he knows what it's like to be in a locker room. WE'RE GONNA get into it and talk about and get his sort of opinion on how how the racial divide can be bridged in places Orleans, if at all, if it all and also, how do we move forward with sports in light of everything that's going on? It's fascinating. Great Conversation is name is Doron Great Comedian will get him than later on the show Kris. Kris Kristofferson has woken up in. He is woke. Yes, he is, he's woke and he's awoke. Yes, we'll get to him, but I kind of happened right after we recorded last week's episode but we thought we'd just dig into it now because we really didn't have a chance last week because we had already record the episode of WanNa. Talk about because it's it's Kinda gotten legs. Apologies of happened or we're talking about drew brees. Coming out basically last week the end of last week with the most I would say tone deaf approach in the worst our timing for him to in this moment right now. Talk about how so he didn't bring it up, so let me just say that he definitely feel that the question from A. Financial. I've CNBC I. Don't know who it was. Who was interviewing him? But it's it was like a financial newspaper or station, and they asked him about. Colin Kaepernick kneeling in light of what's been going on right now. And how he felt about it, and he sort of regurgitated in old miss sort of misnomer from that entire experience, which is. He started standing up from the flag. Saying I'll never support anyone who disrespects the flag on my granddad fought for whatever I'm not gonNA support. Anyone disrespects the national land when I look up at that flag is see the thing that my grandfather fought for which by the way that's great fine. I'm I'm so happy that Bud Moments to misconstrue something that he knows wasn't about that. There is no possible way that if you're in the world of football as an athlete that you could possibly be so shielded from what the original intent of those protests were so one of two things. Either he is so shielded and is so out of touch that he would make a comment like that currently what the climate of the world and how it's going right now? When the world is changed white black, Asian Mattino. All people are staying together with our black brothers and sisters. There are marching in Germany and Brussels and London. For Black lives matter, which is an American thing, I know it's worldwide in certain areas, but like this is a very specific American thing. The Way America black people are policed in this country for him to not realize it in that moment. What he was saying was misinformation and incorrect, and would be construed by his own teammates as a racist thought in his teammate spoke out about his teammates gave very cheerful. wrought. Admissions of they couldn't believe it drew would say this right now. This is their quarterback is the guy they fight for? This is the guy they domicile Jenkins those to those were the most spoken outspoken about it, and we're beautiful, and their messages were beautiful. Their disappointment was real real tears in the post. always keep that in house. Keep it in house, but they just couldn't even keep it in house. They had to speak out. So that's how much you know they felt like. Like, they needed to so either. You're so out of touch that like you don't know what you're black brothers. teammates are going through in this instance run. You didn't sit down to talk to them to ask their side of the story. It's best if you don't understand it to not say anything on just listened. That's that's one of the key lessons out of this moment, and he didn't hear it so or you're trying to angle for your angling, so Randy's attitude is that. That he's Angling to run for office in this speaking out to a constituency in a base that would agree one hundred percent with what he's saying actually, he wasn't only talking to them in a close private event. He put this out there, and it went out, and it went viral and went wild, so then he had to double back a day later or two days later, and he apologize wholeheartedly apologized. He gave it a full apology. However, you have to question in this moment is. Is the apologizing because apologizing because the backlash because he knows he's got to go back into that locker room and face those guys in lead that team or is he apologizing because he very rightly so and deeply understood. How wrong was to say what he said? Hope, it's number two. We always wanted to, but we don't know and will never actually know, and because we won't know and we don't know there will be people who will question his integrity on the on the apology. But that being said there will be protests and trump is already going after the actual Razi letting drew brees actually Kinda quieted some of his critics, some of his critics, and definitely connected with his teammates, started to build the sort of tried to rebuild those relationships with that first step of an actual full throated apology, but three days later. DONALD TRUMP SAYS I don't know why drew brees was apologizing for his initial statement I stand with you, disrespect old glory, then bring dredging all up again and creating divisiveness that divided. That locker room is a microcosm. As, larger example, any did it New Orleans. Man, I understand if you're in Jacksonville Florida or if you're in? North Carolina or if you're in another state Georgia even. Even Atlanta is that it is much more progressive much more racially diversity. If you're in any of those places, where fan base is mostly white, the you know the attitude, the. Of the state and the city is mostly conservative attitude all right? Throw that out there. You're not going to get someone cheap, but in New Orleans where there really is a pushed for what I consider to be out of the box. American behavior almost feels like a European city. It's just a super tone-deaf thing for guys had a full career a successful career. The I mean this. Is New Orleans? This is a a city where he led them he this is not a very traditional southern American city, and drew brees after Katrina lead them to a super bowl, and he had their support, but he lost it in an instant with this thing, and it's fascinating to see the fallout from this. It's fascinating. Die Down, demand flare up again because the president without drew brees. Asking jumped on his statement. Sister Crazy time so what? What will happen the if the season? You're going to see a Lotta guys, neely and Donald. Trump is sort of putting forth the same bluster that he did it two thousand sixteen, but were in a different moment. Talk about tone-deaf were in a different moment right now you're gonNA, see a lot of players it. You'RE GONNA. Wipe players kneeling with black players. You're see everybody kneeling, and they're gonNA understand. It has nothing to do with the flack and drew brees, even though he apologized is words. Words right now. He is going to be embarrassed. He's going to be embarrassed that he put that out there in conflated the two incorrectly, and that's going to sting him. You know if he cares about his team. It's missing. Here's about his political future. It probably won't. Let's take a break. When we come back. We'll get into all this with our buddy. Doron Morton and then later on the show Kris Kristofferson this from the cheap seats. Don't go anywhere..

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