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April nineteenth nineteen forty seven to be exact cause you know highlights weeks. Of course. A monkey with the charming name of rhesus seven sixty six was observed to have a high fever one hundred four degrees Fahrenheit, forty degrees celsius now that I'm in Finland. Blood was drawn and processed and in it scientists found what they called a filter. Transmissible agent back then often meant it was a virus something they couldn't easily culture. But this still left many questions. I was at a new virus meeting undiscovered and was it. Mosquito borne to answer the second question they had to collect many mosquitoes from the same areas that recess seven six six had been kept and then test whether these mosquitos carried anything resembling this virus, which meant grinding up and filtering the -squitoes and injecting the slurry into the mice or monkeys. They had on hand, and then comparing that to the infection caused by the filter will transmissible agent that had originally come from recess seven six six man that just sounds like his so you can have co-infections sounds like a messy way to try and figure out what's going on. I think they just didn't know any other better way. Yeah. For sure. Yeah. I would have had the patience to be in microbiologist back. Then I don't even have the patience for it. Now. Fair point. Why do this podcast? Finally, they would test. This new mosquito derived slurry on a monkey that had recovered from an infection with the original virus. Yeah. Full circle. Results of those experiments confirmed their hunch the virus.

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