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Somebody's timeout. is that legal. Is that what are we doing here. Because i know you wanna give refunds and if this continues. I'm gonna need a refund. Because i didn't come here for that type of train so again. You're not even confronting it. You're not even a forcing whoever's in charge knowledge. You're telling them what you expect based on who you want so you give a lot of people out something you also don't do is stay. What siles anybody with some different approaches to a moment like that something I was going to save my. It's only two things. I do want something similar to whip the facial expression or you know how one one phrase have multiple meaning. What am i freeze eyo. You know what i mean like oh was a oh what would you. Don't you know so the same way to bring attention to if it's not as blatant or i actually say moment stopping i'm talking to on the side you know we're not doing you know what i mean. It really does matches what my personality is. It's something that will stop a whole confident yet. The ao was necessary. But if it's something not as blatant or doesn't affect everybody to not loving tanada great ideas there all right as talking triggered a memory. My cousin town hit me up. He said abia. Sodas pushed into the parking lot. And i looked around. And it's all these banja standing there doing insane. Nothing and i guess they were on the not my monkey not a circus boy. But because i've been punched in the face before. I know what it feels like to have. No say nothing so this mom of two without her cell phone walked up and said hey dude. You don't but i'm a recorded i'm opposed to. The guy pushed the lady out the truck. And after the shock in off and tom asks lady she okay and then because she got a blood. We are a little psycho. Thomas follow you a whole you know what i'm saying. Because she was light. Look at what we do is how some plate will be going to have more video slogan. We have to turn this in and have worked out. We have video evidence. And after i made sure she was safe and not downplay her doing what she felt she had to ask myself. What else could have done. So i love to hear from some of you may be perhaps some of the ideas that you have in a situation. That's that tents in that personal man and his old lady you're going at it public and you happen to visually walk into that. What are some of the solution that you were present or would you be one of those silence male bystander. What descent situation while. Mind in your so in this particular situation if i'm in public and i and i'm watching somebody else do something that i'm not even a part of I'll be honest. I haven't done this before. But i got this idea from a training. I attended I'm not big enough. Where i can like confront another dude or another person like in general unless they're small. I'm not. I'm not somebody who's going to be able to physically stop them but what i can do is i can play dumb. I can go up to the to the woman like her like Either act like. I know her and be like. Oh my gosh. Hey how are you. I'm so sorry to interrupt you. Know something to halt the Confrontation and you know this. I'm open to feedback year. This is the best approach but just something to kind of like interrupt. What's going on strong. Tony look debt. Love that you're going to take action. And i love that. You're also thinking about your physical safety as well..

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