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So that's the musculoskeletal system. So it seems that and I can't tell you exactly why but it seems that when we take some of the stress off of the biomechanics and the effort of moving from point A to point B, we get rid of paint we get rid of headaches we get rid of whatever that is. It freezes up energy in the body to rid of other systems more efficiently people will often say it's amazing but since coming here three years ago, I haven't had to take any antibiotics for my side job. Inspections that I used to get three times a year. So am I saying I can get rid of your sinus infections know but something happens when you restore not functioning efficiency of this. It's really the 800-pound gorilla in the room. If you don't address the biomechanics, you are sites joining off really there's a limited there's a limit to the amount of energy that anybody has if you're siphoning off a lot of that energy simply to move the legs from point A to point B, then you're you're drinking vital energy.

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