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Oh, yeah. I remember that. Oh, man, I just did one. Terry. Just did modern family. Yes. Yes, but the jury thing, yeah, and Peyton Manning was onto Peyton. Peyton was great. I heard I heard because we run in with mango Nilo and yes, ir that nobody could get an edge was with Peyton Manning that you kinda boxed everybody out set show with my my, my story was with him. Sure. So it was, you know, it was all I had done that. You know, I told you, I did that timeline, right? I never come back from the next served right documentary, which is very good. It is very good. I mean, it's still, but so you didn't box anyone out of two. Headaches who told Eric, just I'm not. I don't want to tell tales out of school, but it was great. Okay, it might. It might have run with the stone feet. It Might might have have said said to to me. me before we started shooting, he was nervous, which surprised me because he's so great in the commercial and he's done Saturday Night Live yet on live. And I said, I said, why? Why are you nervous when we're gonna have a ball, he said, well, I'm playing another character. I mean, I'm playing. I'm not playing me. I said, so what he said, well, I'm not. Who am I going to be? Who else can you be. You're eighteen and last one upon reading the script. For the first time you knew modern family would be a winner in the show. It lasts for at least ten years that true false. It's true that I said, it's a hitch show. I don't know how long glass, but I knew it was going to be hit show why. I don't know. I just it just read to me like it's a hit show. Right. And it seems like you guys are having as much fun as ever comes through the toll, really. I mean, it's the luckiest job. It's a great job. Everybody gets along. It's it's. It's like the perfect storm, you know, right being on being on a hit show for ten years and enjoying it, right. I love it. I love watching it always love our chats. When you come here. Thanks, which I do to always keep coming. I appreciate that. That means that means a ton. Thank you for being here. My pleasure at o.'neil hair on.

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