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Where this occurred yeah it's it's an area that anybody who's a tourist would actually know quite well i think it is just upstream from tower bridge it is just downstream from saint paul's cathedral and of course the tate modern art gallery of art museum it's next to the chard which is the one sort of name a signature skyscraper in the city and the area where people were that night is called burrow market it's a wonderful nightlife area it's under a train trestle so often during the days like on a saturday during the day lots of food stalls i frankly take the family there are a lot they really enjoy it and so it's this shoot section of the south bank of the terms that has become a big area for tourism and nightlife and it's a lovely place to go and obviously very busy on saturday night i have police named the attackers or cited a motive they've nonimmunised theresa may says she believed that this is an islamist motivated attack but she hasn't been more specific than that and this morning there actually were several arrests as police made raids in the barking community here in london and so what often happens here it's a sadly lulu with become very routine now are there is an attack and then a soon after the attack the police go and do raids and try to figure out who if anyone else was involved all right what were witnesses as saying last night when you're talking to him well i i got the cordon i don't know maybe one thirty two o'clock in the morning and i was there for a couple of hours i met a guy named morton brennan this was right at the foot of the shored this big skyscraper he's a retiree from surrey to county outside of the city he was in town last night celebrating with friends of a birthday party restaurant he heard a lot of commotion outside and let's we could let him describe what what have a next one of our companions who was overseeing for a in said during a couple allies after being stabbed out there and then people started a runin from the street zhenqi to restaurant retailers which was a fight and so a lot of people in burrow market last night the deeds very crowded it's lot's going on they didn't actually know that this was a targeted attack of a lot.

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