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Presidents say that the health and safety of students and staff come first and with covert concerns, many students will not be returning to campuses until early next year. They're still working on planning. Or some kind of a possible spring and competition authorities in Michigan announcing charges against 13 people today and what they say was a plot to kidnap the state's governor. Authorities say they first learned of the plot through social media and then through confidential sources and undercover agents infiltrated the group as it planned to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and her vacation home members of this conspiracy on two occasions. Conducted coordinator coordinated surveillance. On the governor's vacation home. U. S Attorney for the Western District of Michigan. Andrew Birch says the men had called for the violent overthrow of state governments they believe for violating the U. S. Constitution. Marker Malard ABC news while the pandemic goes on, Lot of things haven't been going on, but you know what has been going on. People have been eating pizza a lot all across the country. Domino's pizza reported a more than 17% sales gain in the third quarter, well above market expectations, with sales stronger in the U S than its overseas markets. The Ann Arbor, Michigan based chain is causing some wincing, however, with investors After its margins for impacted my higher costs in the quarter, including covert related protocols. Dominoes also did something few other companies have been doing. It expanded in the third quarter. Opening 44 new locations in the U. S and 39 in international markets at CBS is Jason Brooks. Let's head off the Wall Street Now, shall we? Joan Donna Glory's Ed Bloomberg Keeping An eye on the numbers were racing toward the closing bell. Looks like me might stick the landing today. Yeah, we might. Then you know, Wall Street doesn't like when things are uncertain. So analysts think the polls indicating that there may be a more decisive election coming up, maybe helping boost the stock averages that and further talks on a Corona virus a deal so the Dow is up 113. NASDAQ 51, the S and P. 26 2. Former eBay security workers have pleaded guilty in federal court in Boston that to charges that they took part in this bizarre harassment campaign against a suburban blogger who had angered eBay execs by being critical of the company. You know that's that case that involved packages of live cockroaches, a bloody pig mask in a funeral wreath being sent to the victim's home. I'm Joan Doniger Bloomberg Business on W. B Z Boston's news radio. Who.

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