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Six forty two eighty two your timing is crucial so please get this done the following is a paid program W. O. R. is airing in this program constitutes neither an endorsement of the products offered for the ideas expressed we have sixty four degrees cloudy skies at midnight good morning I'm Steve greenfield a Connecticut college student wanted in connection with two murders is in custody helping to reports of tortillas in Hagerstown Maryland say they've arrested Peter Manfredonia the Connecticut man accused in several crimes including the deaths of two men the university of Connecticut student had last been seen walking along train tracks in east Stroudsburg Pennsylvania Terry Alden or ABC news some city leaders are calling for the arrest of Amy Cooper the white woman who called police on a black man in Central Park while she was with her on leash dog controlling it by yanking a neck collar around meanwhile the city's health commissioner Demona Gordon said her office sent Cooper later asking her to cooperate in a potential pre complaint intervention process and our hope is to through that process work with her to understand the impact and the effect of our actions and to come to some kind of resolution now since the incident Cooper has apologized and she should voluntarily surrendered her dog to the animal rescue from which she adopted it she has been fired from her job at Franklin Templeton investments Hooper says she's also been receiving death threats a Brooklyn funeral homes getting sued by distraught family members after bodies were discovered in U. haul trucks Louise Warner reports multiple lawsuits leveled against Andrew T. quickly funeral services say bodies of loved ones who passed away from corona virus were grossly mishandled the funeral home was shut down by the state after the gruesome discoveries were made but not before horrified families made repeated enquiries and were finally forced to view the remains to other Brooklyn funeral homes were named in the lawsuit Liz Warner W. O. R. news wave of New Jersey business owners may go against governor Murphy's corona virus related order and re open next week thousands including these owners have joined a Facebook page called New Jersey business coalition opening June first really did not want to do this we we were trying our hardest to go through the right channels if you can just get some dates on the board immediately at least you could put this to rest for a few years given no timetable on when nonessential businesses can open their physical locations customers there are many postings on a Facebook page about re opening everything from gyms to nail salons and barbershops governor Murphy says certain corona virus related health data must be met first before businesses get the green light to re open a second night of protests yesterday turned violent in Minneapolis as demonstrators called for the prosecution of four police officers in the death of a man in their custody Monday night the incident was caught on video and it shows officers subduing George Floyd whose hand cuffed with one officer pressing his knee into Floyd's neck A. B. C.'s Richard reeve was at Wednesday night's protests as crowds surrounded the third precinct building in Minneapolis a lot of merchants in the area have put up plywood over their doors and windows because they don't want more destruction we spoke to the guy who owns a sushi restaurant about a block away from the precincts you know he said I have real mixed feelings about this I I feel bad for what happened to this man who died but at the same time folks came to my restaurant and smash the place up and making headlines hotel and casino owner Dan Rick Stevens is offering one thousand free one way tickets for tourists to come to Las Vegas.

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