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Week. All 650235 97 77 Pribyl, We've studio in Burlingame. West Coast winemakers preparing for a potentially disastrous 2020 vintage because of the smoke from the wildfires that they are afraid the smoke could leave the grapes with an ASCII flavor that would make them pretty much useless. Jon Aguirre is president of the California Association of Wine Grape Growers. Bottom line is we know some Grapes are smoke damaged. What we don't want is to see good fruit rejected and not processed in the wind, but because we like the tools To understand it detected. That's what we're facing is that we're goingto see significant losses because good grapes are rejected. A Gary says. Grape growers have endured rising temperatures, infestations and drought. But smoke from the fires could be the single worst disaster their community has faced. San Francisco's taking legal action against more than two dozen people known to deal drugs in the Tenderloin. Didi Attorney Dennis Herrera is suing those people to prevent them from coming into the neighborhood unless they have a legitimate reason to be there. Herrera says. The idea is to crack down on brazen, open air drug dealing that has plagued the Tenderloin last year alone. 441 People died from drug overdoses in the city and the Tenderloin had the highest Overdose mortality rate of any neighborhood in the city. Enough is enough. Herrera says the drug dealers come from around the bay Area to cell in the tenderloin. The injunctions prevent them from entering a roughly 50 square block of the tenderloin and part of the south of Market neighborhood. They could be hit with civil penalties of up to $6000 per violation. Let's check your traffic around the Bay Area now, with an update on your drive sponsored by auto collision centers. Here's Mark Nieto from the Chilton Auto Body Traffic desk. South found one on one if you're in Petaluma. Watch out for activity just before East Washington a wreck involving a motorcycle. They do have everything out of the road away. So lanes your open, but just use caution through there. It might slow down briefly. Also, you're a North bound five drive into Stockton. This slow. We've had a crash right before French camp. They did get it over to the shoulder, but it is nonetheless low from Roth Road. Meantime, Reminder Highway 50 is shut down on Echo Summit. Because of a major construction project heading the South Lake Tahoe this weekend. Use interstate 80 or highway 88, then into South Lake via Highway 89. Westbound 80 bit slow between university in the maze is just a minor back up at the Bay Bridge. A traffic accident could be a real headache. So let fix auto collision centers help Fix Auto has locations throughout the Greater San Francisco area. Call 1 800 info fixed to find locations near is, Do you remember? You have a choice when it comes to who fixes your car choose Fix auto collision centers. KGO 10 Weather forecast sunny day highs in the mid sixties at the coast to the mid eighties inland tomorrow, hazy and breezy. We'll get some sunshine and a touch warmer as well with highs.

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